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MOON ODYSSEY by John Rankine

Dobson books Unbekannte Invasoren cover click for larger image (47k)
Orbit: (no nbr) ISBN 0 8600 7844 2 Feb 1975 ; 35p (Aus/NZ $1.15, Can $1.25)
Dobson: (nbr 2) ISBN 0 234 77809 1 Dec 1975 ; £2.95
Pocket: (nbr 2) 671-80185-6 Sept 1975; $1.50
Breitschopf: #848, ISBN 3-7004-1093-X, 160 pages
("Unbekannte Invasoren" -"Unknown Invasion"-)
Breitschopf: #653, ISBN 3-7004-0107-8, 290 pages
("Odyssee im Weltraum" -"Odyssey in Space"-)
1984, as by Patrick O'Connor
Galaktika: Translated into Hungarian in the monthly magazine Galaktika 322XL. January 2017
Revised in Space: 1999 Year One (Powys; 2020)

Blasted out of orbit by erupting atomic waste pits, the Moon and its captive Earthmen on Alpha Base hurtle into deep space, all contact with Earth lost.

Suddenly, as they plunge into uncharted galaxies, the Alphans are attacked by an alien force on the run from its own planet. At first, the renegades demand only refuge from their pursuers but after a new-born baby is mutated and its mother killed, Alpha's Commander John Koenig realises the invaders are not merely commandeering the base but also their bodies...

MOON ODYSSEY is based on ATV's exciting television spectacular SPACE 1999.


A freak explosion blasts the moon out of orbit. And the men and women of Moonbase Alpha unwittingly become courageous travelers on man's first intergalactic odyssey.

Joy turns to terror when Alpha's first infant grows up in a matter of seconds ... an alien transforms the barren moon into a sunny Eden ... a deadly but primitive rocket from Earth makes Alpha the target for mass revenge ... and the interstellar journey becomes a personal hell for the crew when they see how their lives might have been!

Dobson books

Blasted out of its ancient orbit round Earth by exploding atomic waste which been stored its surface, the moon its captive Earthmen hurtle into the vastness of space.

Tie inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha discover that they are still alive and are to continue their life support systems. They have the remnants of the Eagle fleet of space ships with which to evacuate to a New World, should such a planet be found. But the prime requisite in this totally alien situation is the will to survive, the need to retain some form of normality. So, when Cynthia Crawford successfully reaches the end of her pregnancy, all seems to be re-establishing itself into an acceptable order.

But after the new-born baby is horribly mutated and its mother killed. Alpha's commander John Koenig, realises that they are in the hands of an alien force, on the run from its own planet, which threatens not only to commandeer the entire moonbase, but also their bodies...

Moon Odyssey is the second book in the Space: 1999 series, published in conjunction with the ATV spectacular of the same name.

Unbekannte Invasoren Back cover

Eine gewaltige Explosion des auf dem Mond gelagerten atomaren Abfalles der Erde schleudert den Erdtrabanten aus seiner gewohnten Umlaufbahn. Eine interstellare Odyssee beginnt. Die Besatzung der Mondstation ALPHA geht einer ungewissen, gefährlichen Zukunft entgegen ...

A huge explosion of the earth's atomic waste stored on the Moon throws the Earth's satellite out of its usual orbit. An interstellar odyssey begins. The crew of the moonbase Alpha is facing an uncertain and dangerous future ...

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