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John Rankine

Douglas Rankine Mason was born in 1918 and died in 2103. He wrote under the names Douglas Mason and John Rankine. He was a teacher in Wallasey Village, near Liverpool until 1978. His first full length novel was Interstellar Two-Five in 1966, the first of the Dag Fletcher series which continued to 1973. He also wrote stand alone novels and numerous short stories for the magazines New Writings in SF, Impulse and Galaxy. In the 1980s he stopped writing, concentrating on local politics.

In 1976 he wrote a novelisation of another TV script for Futura, Johnny Byrne's Into Infinity. The show did not get picked up as a series, and Futura decided not a publish; the manuscript was lost.

Title Author(s) First Publication
Moon OdysseyJohn Rankine1975
Lunar AttackJohn Rankine1975
Astral QuestJohn Rankine1975
Android PlanetJohn Rankine1976
Phoenix Of MegaronJohn Rankine1976
Space 1999 Year OneE C Tubb, John Rankine, Brian Ball2020

In addition, Rankine prepared an "ideas bank" document (pdf) of story ideas for "second series" stories.

This was followed by a synopses for a single book (pdf), taking some of the above ideas as four "episodes" each of 4 chapters.

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