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Texas City metrocomplex

The Texas City buildings were part of the Blackpool Space City exhibition, mixed with other buildings from the series. By this time the larger towers had lost their perspex domes- only the small domes retained theirs. Upper left is a landing pad from Devil's Planet (more here). At top is the skyscraper from The Exiles. The metrocomplex in the lower left corner was the only one made by Martin Bower; Texas City and the other cities were built in the studio.

Texas City metrocomplex

Texas City (from Journey To Where) and a Ellna tower (from Devil's Planet). Texas City is very dusty in this picture, but it clearly shows the use of EMA tubes and rocket and tank kit parts (spot the two Apollo lunar landers halves on the upper deck, from the Airfix Apollo-Saturn kit).

Texas City metrocomplex

Texas City and a smaller metrocomplex from Journey To Where. The transparent domes that used to cover them have been lost.

Texas City metrocomplex (91k)

Some of the smaller metrocomplexes, including the Martin Bower building.

Texas City metrocomplex (67k) Texas City metrocomplex (72k)
Texas City metrocomplex (101k)

Three of the bigger metrocomplexes in closeup, clearly showing the use of kit parts and EMA shapes. Texas City is in the centre, taller than the two others.

Below:This is the Martin Bower dome. The one has lost major pieces, exposing the how simple kit parts, plastic shapes and a dirty wash over the model was used to create verisimilitude.

Texas City metrocomplex (83k)

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