The Catacombs The Future Is Fantastic!

Model room from the Future Is Fantastic! convention in 2015.

Original 44inch Eagle

The first 44 inch Eagle model, in a diorama created by Chris Trice. The moonbuggy and Koenig figure are replicas by Bill Oram, the top boosters and steps are replicas by Chris Potter. More photos.

Original 22 inch Eagle and accessories

The 22 inch Eagle, cargo pallet with nuclear waste can and Collision Course mine

Original Ultra Probe

The smaller model from Dragon's Domain. This is the version seen docking with the dragon ship.

Original Hawks

Large and small Hawk models, from War Games.

Original Costumes

Consul Varda dress from The Dorcons, Maurna/Yesta costume from The Mark of Archanon and Dorzak, Sarah Bullen's Command Center uniform, Dr Ben Vincent tunic with Tony Verdeschi trousers, Entran huntress headress and ponytail from Devil's Planet.

Replica Eagles

Replicas by Chris Potter. The small Eagles are modified Product Enterprise Eagles with Mike Reader engine bells.

Replica Models

Replica models by David Sisson.

Original and replica puppets

Puppets from Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and The Secret Service

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