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DVD/Blu-ray Extras


The best introduction and menu sequence was the 2003 Pulp Video DVDs in Italy. The introduction sequences, menu transitions and menu backgrounds were all high quality animations of accurate Eagles and moonbase exteriors and interiors, including superb trips though Main Mission and corridors in Year 1, and through the Eagle interiors in the Year 2 extras menu.

The Year 1 opening sequence is also used on the 2004 Fanderson documentaries DVD and the 2011 Laser Paradise compilation movies in Germany

Opening sequence Opening sequence Travel tube transition Scene selection menu Menu transition Year Two menu: launch pad Year Two menu: Eagle hangar Year Two menu: Eagle pod Extras transition

The 2002 French DVDs make use of series photos with animated Eagles and other spacecraft, some of which is nicely done, some a little too stylised.

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The 2001 UK DVDs used an opening CGI animation showing an Eagle landing on Moonbase Alpha, and a mix of series photos and stylised menus, all well done.

Year 1 menu Year 2 menu click for larger image (71k) click for larger image (130k)

The 2004 German DVDs has crude CGI Eagles and planets zooming across the screen. Imaginative, but primitive.

top menu episode menu Extras menu

The 2005 Network DVDs are mostly static photos with some looping clips. Clear and simple, not very imaginative.

The 2010 Network Blu-ray has stylised menu screens with static photos, abstract designs and looping clips. Mostly little to do with the series aesthetic, looking more like 1990s sci-fi.

Human Decision Required Setup menu

The 2015 Network Second Series Blu-ray went for a stylised 1980s video look.

Menu background Menu - extras disc

The 2019 Shout Factory Blu-ray used background clips from the series titles and episodes in a loop.

The 2021 Impact Blu-ray used dull static menus.

Impact Blu-ray Impact Blu-ray

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