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Compiled by Martin Willey

DVD/Blu-ray Extras

Episode Soundtracks

The original mono soundtrack is available on all releases, but some had problems (the 2001 A&E DVDs had some warbling sounds, especially on Year 1 episodes)

The 2005 Network DVDs introduced a new DTS HD 5.1 mix, as well as a new remixed mono soundtrack, based on the original 3-track elements. All subsequent releases have used these tracks.

The 2005 Network DVDs also included the Dolby Digital 2.0 music and effects track as a separate track for 23 episodes of Year One (not Breakaway). For Dragon's Domain, the mono track was dropped, for A&E the music track was dropped. Shout Factory didn't have the music tracks for any episode.

Text commentaries

Text commentaries by Chris Bentley on The Last Sunset and Space Brain appeared on the 2005 Network DVDs, the 2010 Network Blu-ray, 2010 A&E set but not on the 2019 Shout Factory release

There are Italian text commentaries on the 2003 Pulp Video release in Italy for Breakaway, Testament of Arkadia, The Metamorph and The Dorcons.

Audio Commentaries

The first audio commentaries were on the 2002 A&E bonus disc/megaset. The Byrne/Penfold and Anderson commentaries were by Jeff Smart, but were badly mixed into the episode soundtrack, making them difficult to listen to. They have reappeared only on the 2021 Impact Blu-ray.

Gerry Anderson recorded two commentaries for the 2005 Network DVDs, which have been used on the 2010 Network Blu-ray, 2010 A&E Blu-ray, 2019 Shout Factory Blu-ray and 2021 Impact Blu-ray

The 2019 Shout Factory Blu-ray created three new commentaries, which also appear on the 2021 Impact Blu-ray

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