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Black Sun Mission Of The Darians The Immunity Syndrome

The distinctive hexagonal moonbase boxes. They are 61cm square, with a 40cm base, made up of plastic panels attached to a wooden frame (with industrial grade double sided tape). They were first seen in Black Sun and featured prominently in The Last Sunset, The Testament Of Arkadia, All That Glisters, The Mark Of Archanon, The Seance Spectre, The Immunity Syndrome. See also Continuity Guide.

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Partially restored box. Two repaired sides have been placed in position.

After filming the box was displayed at Blackpool's Space City exhibition. The box had been repainted with thick gloss paint, and repaired with insulating tape.

Damage to the panels.

The interior of a panel with restorations: plastic splints have been used to patch the panel back together.

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