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Deltan Command Module

In The Last Enemy the Deltan battleship was created by modifying the Battlecruiser from Alpha Child and War Games, adding a new command module (which had appeared with in previously in the graveyard with the battlecruiser in Dragon's Domain).

The revamp in The Last Enemy was required because the two opposing battleships (the Bethan "Satazius" and the Deltan ship) had been originally filmed using the same model in different colours (the original footage still exists). As most people in Britain still had black and white TVs, this was judged to be confusing. Therefore, at the end of series 1, the new model was created and new scenes shot showing the battleship landing, explosions landing nearby, and the ship finally exploding.

The battlecruiser is extensively revamped. It had previously appeared in three episodes, so major modifications were performed. At the front, the command module ball and the entire front tube is exchanged with another Martin Bower spaceship, that had previously been used in Dragon's Domain (itself extended with a third Bower model, a satellite made of ping pong balls). On the central section, the big radar dish (USS Enterprise) is removed. The remaining neck tube has a smaller pipe placed along the top.

On the main body, two cylinders are placed on the top in front of the pyramid-like conning tower section. These two cylinders are actually spaceships that were used as support tugs when the Satazius leaves orbit, seen in the same episode (they are too small to be visible). Battleships can carry one or more smaller boats on their decks, a pinnace or launch, or modern MOB boats and ship's tenders.

The conning tower has side cantilever sections, which have been extended all round the back. Detailing at the back includes two very obvious Apollo lunar modules from the 1:144 Saturn V rocket kit. A large round landing pad is placed on the top (the base buttressed by 1:72 Airfix Lunar Modules). This pad previously existed on the starboard side platform.

We only see the port side of the ship on screen. Despite not being used, the starboard platform was lengthened and redecorated. It may have been intended to evoke an aircraft carrier flight deck.

This publicity shot of the battlecruiser almost always flopped left for right (for instance, on the Monty gum card).

The Deltan battleship as it appears in the episode.

The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy

Model shots taken for The Making of Space: 1999 book.

Lots of Airfix Apollo lunar modules are seen in this end view- detail which is also clear on screen. The landing platform at the top has 1:72 lunar module buttresses, Immediately below them, on the back of the cantilever section of the conning tower, are two 1:144 lunar module fronts from the Saturn V kit, plus an upside down rocket between them. Finally the two big rocket plates contain two 1:72 lunar module bases each. Just off centre between them is an obvious part from an Airfix 1:72 SRN1 hovercraft.

The model appeared at the 1975 Selfridges exhibition, and was then at the Blackpool Space City exhibition from 1977 until 1981. Over the years of display, there was some damage and repairs to the model, which can be seen in these photos.

Space City photo by Robin Hill Space City photo by Robin Hill Space City photo by Robin Hill Space City photo by Robin Hill Space City photo by Robin Hill

1977 or 1978. The two ship's tenders in front of the conning tower have gone. At the front, the thin pipes that held the ping-pong ball ring have been replaced by wire.

Blackpool Space City

A picture by Dave Martin, also early in the exhibition run.

Deltan battleship and Hawk

Later in the exhibition run, the model has been altered. The rear part of the cantilever section, behind the conning tower, has gone along with with round landing platform at the top. The small oval dish mounted on the front section has gone, and there is a new round radar dish on the adjacent central part of the neck.

Tank and Last Enemy battlecruiser

This picture, by Peter Rush, showing the new radar dish.

The model was not on display at the Alton Towers exhibition (1982-1989), but it was among the models bought by Phil Rae in 1990. It is not known where it went from there.

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