The Catacombs Production Guide

These is an effects storyboards for the episode Voyager's Return. The sheet groups together the Voyager shots (it skips many Eagle shots, and the close-ups of the Voyager drive). The editor moves all these scenes to much later in the story.

Scene 13.
Script: CAMERA ZOOMS into close shot of Voyager. On the nose we see the drawn outline shapes of a man and a woman, symbols of the form of life on Earth.
Storyboard: C/S Voyager

Voyager's Return

This our first proper view of the Voyager. The script specified a plaque (like the on the 1972/1973 Pioneer 10 and 11, drawn by Linda Sagan). In the script this shot appears before the Eagles are affected; on screen it is after, just before the titles. The direction is changed- it is left to right.

Scene 41.
Script: Voyager One moving through space. Bergman's voice is heard: "Voyager One, this is the voice of Earth Space Authority... do you acknowledge?"
Storyboard: Similar to 8

Voyager's Return

The scene is played entirely in Main Mission. Scene 8 was the first time we see a speck of light in space at the start of the episode.

Scene 49.
Script: Voyager One moving closer to Alpha. (just before the 3 Eagles launch)
Storyboard: +47 smaller Moon. Voyager towards Moon.

Voyager's Return Voyager's Return

Shown in small vignettes below are scenes 43 (the start of act 2, just before the command conference) and 47 (Alan explains his 3 phase plan). The editor uses moves the 43 and 49 shots up to the climax as Queller works on the drive, watched by the Helena.

Scene 67.
Script: Voyager One looming towards Alpha through space. (end of Act 2, after Haines knocks out Queller)
Storyboard: Voyager closer to Moon

Voyager's Return

Again, the editor moves the shot back, just before Queller finally deactivates the drive, immediately after the above shots.

This sheet has only one scene

Scene 59.
Script: The three Eagles curve in to form a flying formation in the space sky.
Storyboard: Eagles o/head into distance leaving Alpha base

Voyager's Return

The final scene is close to the original script description, without moonbase appearing in the shot.