The Catacombs The Production Guide
by Martin Willey


Set errors

Earthbound Earthbound Eagle 1 has a sign above the main door saying "Rescue Eagle 7"
Earthbound Earthbound

Floor marks are clearly seen indicating where the actors should stand. Also seen in Dorzak and The Seance Spectre

Dorzak The Seance Spectre
Missing Link Missing Link When the command module is detached from the Eagle, the interior set still shows the door open to the access corridor.
Force Of Life Force of Life

There is a brown carpet on the floor. It's intended to muffle footsteps, and not intended to be seen. Also seen in other episodes.

End Of Eternity End of Eternity

When Koenig is knocked out of the airlock, the floor outside the airlock is a mat, probably an inch or so thick as it reaches the bottom lip of the door.

Alpha Child Alpha Child As the door closes behind Koenig, the original sound of the wooden door rolling on casters can be heard (not dubbed out as normal because Koenig's laugh is heard on the soundtrack)
The Full Circle The Full Circle The edge of the false ceiling is visible (top right).
The Metamorph The Metamorph When the Eagle launches, the shot of Picard and Helena shows a hole through the passenger module wall, with wood planks seen beyond.
The Metamorph The Metamorph The gas pipes used to create the fire effects can be seen on the floor in several shots.
The Immunity Syndrome The Immunity Syndrome When Tony falls down a gully, we see a red ladder and the studio wall at the top of the frame.

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