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Publicity Shots

This is a small selection of some of the publicity photographs issued to newspapers and magazines. See also merchandise guide, black and white contact sheets, colour contact sheets, year 1 black and white episode contact sheets and year 2 black and white contact sheets.

John Koenig Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway

Martin Landau in front of Main Mission. Beyond stands Simmonds, plus Bergman, Helena, and the others. Ouma is present, as this was shot during Breakaway. One of these shots was featured in the Year 1 publicity brochure. One shot in the series includes director Lee H Katzin.

Helena Helena Helena Helena Helena

Helena with a ball-and-stick molecule model. The set is Care Unit 3 from Matter of Life and Death. This picture was the basis of a Hope jigsaw painting and of the cover of the US Pocket edition of Moon Odyssey novel.

Thanks to Shaqui click for larger image (76600 bytes) Several publicity shots were made from two or three images. More here
Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with the Landaus (27k) click for larger image (46k) Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with Barbara Bain and Martin Landau
Ring Around The Moon

On the lunar surface, from Ring Around The Moon

Photos copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment