The Catacombs Dialogue
Computer Voice Dialogue

Computer Voice

Barbara Kelly

Total dialogue: 39 lines.

Breakaway (2)

  1. Emergency Operation Exodus.
  2. Indefinite Factors. 1. Moon on UnknownTrajectory 2. Constantly ChangingG Forces Due ToMoon's MovementAway From Earth3. Insufficient DataTo ComputeFlight PlanAll Factors In Memory BankRelating ToOperation ExodusInapplicableInsufficient DataAvailable Under PrevailingCircumstancesHumanDecisionRequired

Matter Of Life And Death (1)

  1. Resources to sustain human life unlimited.

Black Sun (7)

  1. Professor Bergman. Latest Equation - Incorrect. Degrees of Cosine Adjacent to Opposing Angle Of
  2. Hypothesis Proven.
  3. It Is Your Duty To Report This Danger
  4. To
  5. Alpha Commander.
  6. Unconditional Forecast It Is A Black sun One Hundred Percent Certainty.
  7. And All Programming Calculations Were Recorded And Executed For The Force Field Test. Reprogramming Calculations Conflicted With Previous Orders.

Earthbound (1)

  1. Subject- Unidentified Powered Object. Object Will Orbit Alpha's Position At Coordinates Nine Zero Seven Nine. Data Confirms- Object Manned.

Another Time, Another Place (5)

  1. Third Planet Distance From The Sun Ninety Three Million Miles
  2. Diameter Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred and Twenty Six Miles. Axial Rotation Twenty Three Hours and Fifty Six Minutes. Third Planet Is The Third Planet Of Our Solar System
  3. Planet's Name Is Earth.
  4. Moon Velocity Easing. Moon Going Into Earth Orbit.
  5. Earth orbit Confirmed.

Guardian Of Piri (8)

  1. Eagle Two Six Will Lift Off From Launch Pad One. Taking Up Parking Position On Lunar Surface At Station Three
  2. Zero Five. Eagle Two Seven Will Stand By In Loading Bay Eight To Await Further Instructions.
  3. Commander's instruction In Direct Conflict With Orders Of The Guardian.
  4. Your Comlock Facility Is Withdrawn. You Are Confined To Your Quarters.
  5. Operation Exodus Committee.
  6. Doctor Russell.
  7. Diminished Responsibility. Your Freedom Threatens The Safety Of Alpha.
  8. Auxiliary Services Available Only. Computer Has Removed To Planet Piri. Auxiliary Services Available Only. Computer..

Force Of Life (2)

  1. Technician Mark Dominix Life Functions Terminated.
  2. Medical Orderly Hilary Preston Life Functions Terminated.

The Infernal Machine (6)

  1. I have nothing to say on that subject.
  2. My information is privileged.
  3. I am otherwise occupied.
  4. Gwent's order has been relayed to supply department.
  5. And await shipment on Dock Four.
  6. Seven Eleven Hours.

All That Glisters (5)

  1. Minus Three Hours To Lift Off.
  2. Minus Two Hours Forty Five Minutes To Lift Off.
  3. Minus One Hour Forty Five Minutes To Lift Off.
  4. Minus One Hour Thirty Minutes To Lift Off.
  5. Minus Fifteen Minutes To Lift Off. Range Critical.

The Mark Of Archanon (2)

  1. Abort Mission. Launch Pad Deactivated. This Order Non-Voidable Until Code Reactivates.
  2. Launch Pad Activated.

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