The Catacombs Dialogue
Tanya Aleksandr Dialogue

Tanya Aleksandr

Suzanne Roquette

Total dialogue: 23 lines.

Breakaway (1)

  1. Tanya Aleksandr.

Black Sun (3)

  1. Coffee?
  2. Sandra. Coffee?
  3. Paul. Mind if I share the music with you?

Ring Around The Moon (1)

  1. No sir.

Missing Link (4)

  1. Alpha calling Eagle One. Come in, Eagle One. Alpha calling Eagle One.
  2. Come in, Eagle One.
  3. Paul. Eagle One reporting in.
  4. Paul.

Guardian Of Piri (6)

  1. Come on!
  2. Morning, Commander.
  3. It's good to be leaving, Commander.
  4. Commander!
  5. Go back to Alpha!
  6. Why don't you go back!

Force Of Life (1)

  1. Security. Solarium here. We need some help in here. Please come quickly.

Alpha Child (1)

  1. Confirmed.

The Last Sunset (4)

  1. Commander. We are being invaded.
  2. We've put all the filters in. It's the best we can get.
  3. All contact lost with onboard computer.
  4. Commander! There is movement of the alien object.

Collision Course (2)

  1. Full power confirmed.
  2. Yes, Paul.

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