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2024 Calendar
Compiled by Martin Willey

2024 cover 2024 back cover

The 2020 calendar from Anderson Entertainment is closely based on the original 1977 calendar, but omits the name of the original designer, Thomas Nozkowski. Comparison images thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.

The calendar part uses the same typography and layout as Nozkowski's original, but adjusted for 2024.

The calendar dates have the same annotations as the original (2 January "2000 AD - astronaut Cellini sets out alone on voyage of revenge to Dragon's Domain - and meets death"). All non-series annotations (in the original, New Year's Day, US holidays) are omitted.

Only one photo is the same image, for February, but it is reversed (correcting the original's mistake). Every other photo is different but thematically similar. Some are publicity photos, many are screen-shots (the original were all publicity shots, generally more impressive than the 2024 substitutes)

The calendar is 30cm x 30cm, a little taller than the original (30cm x 27cm). The front cover shows some digital sharpening of the Eagle command module (the original was quite blurry), and while most of the Moon's features are more washed out than the original, there's an obvious dark outline added to Mare Crisium.

The central poster is a bad photoshop of a screenshot, with the Satazius over two and a half Moonbase Alphas.

Copyright Martin Willey