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Calgary 2023

Calgary 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
27th April- 1st May 2023

Holding the Eagles

David Hirsch 1982 David Hirsch, 2023 David Hirsch and Renee Feit

The last time original models have been seen in North America is at the 1982 Spacecon V Convention. Here David Hirsch holds the original Eagle 1; and in 2023, David holds the original Eagle 3. David also brought along the original 11 inch Eagle.

Others holding up the Eagles: Roy Bjellquist, Robert E Wood and Yasuko Nagazumi

Roy Bjellquist holds Eagle 3 Robert E Wood holds Eagle 3 Yasuko Nagazumi holds Eagle 11

Film-maker Jeffery Morris (The Eagle Has Landed) and owner of Eagle 3, Darren Peters, hold the two original Eagles.

Jeffery Morris and Darren Peters Jeffery Morris holds Eagle 11 Darren Peters holds Eagle 11 Darren Peters holds Eagle 11