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Calgary 2023

Calgary 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
27th April- 1st May 2023

Other models

Martin Landau collected lots of press about Space: 1999. The convention showed some examples: here are covers of TV Guides and advertising spreads from Variety (see more Variety supplements). He also had this slipcase for Starlog magazine which included many articles about Space: 1999 written by David Hirsch.

Original Keith Wilson pre-production drawings, of the Travel Tube set, the planet Terra Nova in Matter of Life and Death, and the spaceship interior in The Infernal Machine.

Original Command Center computer panel. The description is wrong, it was built by Century 21 Film Props (Don Fagan and Terry Curtis), not by Brian Johnson. More on the panels here

Models by Bill Altenburg (website).

A replica 44 inch Eagle with Mike Reader aluminium bells, and a 1976 Mattel Eagle toy

David Hirsch holds one of the original gliders from Immunity Syndrome (there was also a larger model) Photo thanks to Darren Peters.

David Hirsch holds a replica of the ship from Alpha Child. Model and photo thanks to Darren Peters.