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Unstoppable Series 2 Promotional Cards

See Series 1 promotional cards

The first promo card appeared in July 2017.

Card "PR1". "Coming Soon" PR1
Cards PS1-PS4, numbered edition of 200. "Coming in 2017". Released end-August 2017.
Cards PS1-PS4, black and white version of the above, limited to 20 sets (although the 200 sticker is still present). "Coming in 2017".
Card "PH1" "Coming Soon". The first dealer card for series 2, from Paul Hart Trading, 30 September 2017; created for the Fanderson "Special Assignment" convention.
Cards "PR1" and "PR2", "Coming Soon". Numbered set of 50 (also available as a more limited black and white version). Released as case toppers for the Secret Service card set, February 2018.
Confusingly, this is the second PR1 for the second set (not to be confused with the PR1 for the first set, or the PR1 autograph card). The same photo was used in the PS1-PS4 set.

Cards "PV1" to "PV6". Numbered set of 150 (also available as a more limited black and white version, although that is also numbered /150). Released as part of the Unstoppable 2018 Yearset, with Catherine Schell autograph card CS3 and other TV series.

Card "WEB1", released May 2018 and with the binder in July 2018. Not to be confused with the first series cards WEB1 or "WEB-E1" and "WEB-E2"
Card "WEB1", released 26 August 2018 as part of the 2018 Summer Yearset deals (one of four promo cards, the others being "UFO", "Thunderbirds" and "The Avengers", all "Coming Soon" with the same code "SUM1").

Unstoppable Series 2 Promo Autograph Cards

These cards appeared in dealer promotions in 2018.

This Catherine Schell autograph card appeared in March 2018 as part of a "2018 Yearset".

Dave Prowse wasn't in the 2016 set.

Dealer promos

These are 35 promo cards issued by dealers. One oddity is that there are two that are labelled SF1 from Scifi Cards.

ASP1, ASP2; ams-78

CCP1, CCP2; The Cyber Cellar

DTP1, DTP2; Derek's Trading Cards

EMP1, EMP2; Acme3000

GGP1, GGP2; GazzaGames Trading Cards

JWP1, JWP2, JWP3; doctorjas73

MBP1, MBP2; MB-Trading-Cards

MP1; Mitchy9210

PCP1, PCP2, PCP3; Premier Cards

PHP1; Phil Hart Trading Cards

PZP1, PZP2; Patrick Zimmerman

RKP1, RKP2, RKP3; Roman Krause

SF1, SF1, SF2; Scifi Cards

TCP1, TCP2, TCP3; Top Cards


TZ1; Twilightzone111

UTP1, UTP2; Umbrella Trading Cards

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