The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Autograph Cards - Series 1

These are the autograph cards released by Unstoppable in June 2016. There are 29 variations (plus 3 cut autograph cards, plus special bonus autograph cards). Each box of 24 packs/120 cards contains 1 or 2 autograph cards from 18 of these 29. The other 11 autograph cards are "case topper" cards (only available in cases of 12 boxes, such as the Catherine Schell CS1 card -but see below-), or only available with purchases of multiple cases (3 or 6) (all Nick Tate, Barbara Bain and Jess Conrad cards).

There are additional bonus autograph cards plus some "Actor Signed Sketch Cards".

The card back reads "Congratulations. You have found a Limited Edition Genuine Hand Signed Autograph Card Signed By "...

The card numbers on the back are the actor initials plus a number, and are thus not unique (BB1 may be Barbara Bain or Brian Blessed).

The signatures:

AF1 Anthony Forrest

BB1 and BB2 Barbara Bain (2 different photos). Dealers only: BB1 with 3 case purchase; BB2 with 6 case purchase.

BB1 Brian Blessed

BC1 and BC2 Bernard Cribbins. Front photo is identical.
BC1 reads "Bernard Cribbins as Captain Michael"
BC2 reads "Bernard Cribbins as the voice of Brian the Robot"

BJ and BJ2: Brian Johnson (2 different photos)

CP1 Christopher Penfold. Only with binder.

CS1 and CS2 Catherine Schell (2 different photos). CS1 is only available in a case of 12 boxes.

JC1 and JG2 Jess Conrad (2 different photos). Dealers only (1 case purchase). Note the second card is "JG2" not "JC2". The black and white variant card is correctly labelled "JC2".

JK1 and JK2 Jack Klaff (2 different photos)

NT1, NT2 Nick Tate (2 different photos). Dealers only. NT1 is 1 case purchase; NT2 is 3 case purchase.

PR1 Pam Rose

RA1, RA2 Robert Atiko (2 different photos)

RB1 Roy Boyd

SH1, SH2, SH3 Suzanne Heimer (3 different photos). SH3 is dealer only (6 case purchase).

SJ1, SJ2 Susan Jameson (2 different photos). SJ2 is dealers only (6 case purchase).

SR1, SR2 Shane Rimmer (2 different photos). SR1 is dealers only (6 case purchase).

VL1 Valerie Leon

ZM3 Zienia Merton

Cut Autograph Cards

There are 3 "cut" autograph cards. These were not signed for Unstoppable, but at old events. Unstoppable have cut the signatures into their own cards. 2 of the 3 signatories were deceased when this set was created in 2016. There are only 10 - 15 of each of these cards.

Bonus Autograph Cards

A number of bonus autograph cards exist. These are not counted as part of the 29 + 3 main series of cards, even though 11 of those are already dealer limited cards.

NT3 Nick Tate

NT5 Nick Tate. Bonus card released in the "Yearset 2017" event, 20th August 2017.

There are a set of 9 black and white variants, with different numbers of each (between 7 and 16). These are sold at a premium over the standard colour card.

Not cards, but 8 by 10 inch (20 x 25cm) photos signed by Barbara for Unstoppable. There are only 9 of these (possibly 3 of each design?).

Contents copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.