The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Series 4

Series 4 first appeared on the Unstoppable website at end-February 2021, with a sale date of 28 February and shipping "end March". The cards began arriving on 25th March 2021.

There are at least 2 different box designs (the standard box, and the autograph box available by itself or in the case)

Regular box (base card set plus 3-4 "B" autograph cards)

Autograph box (18 "A" autograph cards). This is a promotional mock-up, the red bar is crudely covered.

Standard box contents Standard box contents (reverse)

The set contains:

The autograph box has 18 "A" variant autograph cards; the regular boxes contain "B" variant cards (alternate designs but the same autograph names).

Boxes for sets 1-4 Boxes for sets 1-4

Non-Sport Update

Non-Sport Update is a US magazine devoted to non-sport trading cards, published since 1991. Volume 32, number 2 (April/May 2021) covered the Unstoppable series 4 set ("Bad Moon Rising", pages 24-27), along with pictures of the Donruss bubble gum card box and the Barratt sweet cigarette box (there's also a French Monty Gum card on the table of contents); none of these other cards are identified, however. The article is written by editor Alan Biegel.

2021 Summer Deal

Gregory De Polnay

This promotional offer, issued 4 July 2021 for £99 includes existing cards and new cards from various series. The second "Deal B" is only available when buying "Deal A". added 3 new sets of 6 "copper metallix" cards; the sets are Thunderbirds, UFO and Space: 1999.

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