The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Series 4 cut autograph cards

"Cut" autograph cards use old autographs put into new cards (often text of the theatre flyer or part of a photograph are visible in the autograph window). Some cards are oversized (5 x 3.5 inches/ 13 x 9 cm). The original 2016 release had just 3 names (Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau and Barry Morse), the 2018 set had 15 names, 2019 set had around 30 different names, with around 100 cards in all.

Unlike previous releases, there are some cut autograph cards in the regular boxes, but most are issued as "case toppers" in purchases of 6 boxes or more.

Gerry Anderson Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson Co-creator. At least 13.

Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig. At least 8.

Barry Morse as Prof. Victor Bergman

Nick Tate as Alan Carter. Tate is also in the regular autograph cards

Zienia Merton as Sandra Benes

Maxine Audley as Theia

Geoffery Bayldon as Number 8. 2 exist.

Lionel Blair Choreographer. At least 7.

Joan Collins as Kara. At least 29.

Oliver Cotton as Spearman

Roy Dotrice as Commissioner Simmonds

Peter Duncan as Cantar. Duncan is also in the regular autograph cards

Deborah Fallender as Carolyn Powell

Anne Firbank as Consul Varda

Jan Harvey as Alpha News Service Girl. At least 19e.

Karl Held as Jerry Travis

Gareth Hunt as Eagle Pilot. At least 7.

Richard Johnson as Lee Russell

Freddie Jones as Dr.Charles Logan. At least 12.

Paul Jones as Mike Ryan

John Judd as Security Guard

Barbara Kelly as Computer Voice. At least 6.

Leigh Lawson as Zarl. At least 5.

Jack McKenzie as Technician

Leo McKern as Companion Gwent

Philip Madoc as Commander Anton Gorski

Roy Marsden as Crael

Lee Montague as Dorzak

LM03 is a double-autograph (but oddly only numbered for Montague). Catherine Schell as Maya & Lee Montague as Dorzak

Patrick Mower as Dave Reilly. Mower is also in the regular autograph cards

Brian Osborne as Chris Potter

Dave Prowse as Cloud Creature. Prowse is also in the regular autograph cards (as a facsimile autograph)

Saul Reichlin as Miner. 1 exists.

Kathryn Leigh Scott as Yesta

Carolyn Seymour as Eva Lewis

John Shrapnel as Jack Tanner

John Standing as Pasc

Gwen Taylor as Nurse. There are at least 3 of these cards. The pictured nurse is actually actress Gypsie Kemp, not Gwen Taylor. Despite not appearing in the series, Taylor's signature was also used in series 2 and series 3.

Jill Townsend as Sahala

Anthony Valentine as Male Alien

Gary Waldhorn as Winters

Billie Whitelaw as Zamara (oversized)

Jeremy Young as Jack Bartlett

Contents copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.