The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Series 4 autograph cards

There is a special "autograph box" with a full set of 18 cards ("series A"). The standard base card box has 3 or 4 autograph cards ("series B"). In addition there are a number of special cards, including dealer bonus cards.

All autograph cards also have black and white "proof" versions (9 of each design).

There are also "Metalik Platinum" versions of some autograph cards.

In this set there are 24 different autographs, comprising 18 standard cards and 6 special cards. There were 18 different signatures in set 1, 23 in set 2 and 20 in set 3.

Three names have 3 different designs (the number 3 is a special card): Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell and Loftus Burton

Autograph cards are similar to previous releases (and similar photos). There are a few new names: Clifton Jones, Loftus Burton, Peter Duncan, Patrick Mower, Seretta Wilson, Hildegard Neil, Nadim Salwalha.

  1. Robert Atiko as Technician
  2. Barbara Bain as Dr. Helena Russell
  3. Brian Blessed: 2 different, as Dr Cabot Rowland and as Mentor
  4. Loftus Burton as Lee Oswald
  5. Eric Carte as Collins
  6. Peter Duncan as Cantar
  7. Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow
  8. Suzanne Heimer as Alphan
  9. Susan Jameson as Juliet Mackie
  10. Clifton Jones as David Kano
  11. Brian Johnson is Special Effects Director
  12. Hildegard Neil as Eliza
  13. Anton Phillips as Bob Mathias
  14. Pam Rose as Command Centre Operative
  15. Nadim Sawalha as Zoran
  16. Catherine Schell as Maya
  17. Nick Tate as Alan Carter
  18. Seretta Williams as Clea

The special cards:

The 2021 Summer Deal (July 2021) adds Gregory De Polnay GDP1 and GDP2 autograph cards.

Autograph "A" variation
Autograph box
"B" variation
Standard box
"A" variation bonus
Case topper
Robert Atiko as Technician S4 RA1
S4 RA2
Barbara Bain
as Dr. Helena Russell
S4 BB1
S4 BB2
S4 BB3
Isla Blair as Carla S4 IB1
S4 IB2
Brian Blessed S4 BRB1 as Mentor
S4 BRB2 as Dr Cabot Rowland
Loftus Burton as Lee Oswald S4 LB1
S4 LB1
S4 LB2
S4 LB2
S4 LB3
S4 LB3
Eric Carte as Collins S4 EC1
S4 EC2
Michael Culver as Pete Irving
Cases only, 1/75
S4 MC1
S4 MC2
Gregory De Polnay as Pete Garforth
2021 Summer Deal
Gregory De Polnay
Gregory De Polnay
Peter Duncan as Cantar S4 PD1
S4 PD2
Julian Glover as Jarak S4 JG1
S4 JG2
Julian Glover as Jarak
Isla Blair
Dual autographs, 1/50, cases only
Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow S4 PH1
S4 PH2
Suzanne Heimer S4 SH1 as Alphan
S4 SH2 as Barbara Bain's stand-in
Susan Jameson
as Professor Juliet Mackie
S4 SJ1
S4 SJ2
Brian Johnson
Special Effects Director
S4 BJ1
S4 BJ2
Clifton Jones as David Kano S4 CJ1
S4 CJ2
Patrick Mower as Dave Reilly
Case topper only
S4 PM1
S4 PM2
Hildegard Neil as Eliza S4 HN1
S4 HN2
Anton Phillips as Dr. Bob Mathias S4 AP1
S4 AP2
Pam Rose as Command Centre Operative S4 PR1
S4 PR2
Nadim Sawalha as Zoran S4 NS1
S4 NS2
Dave Prowse as Cloud Creature
"Facsimile" autograph, 1/100
S4 DP1
S4 DP2
Catherine Schell S4 CS1 as Maya
S4 CS2 as Servant of the Guardian
S4 CS3 as Maya
Nick Tate as Alan Carter S4 NT1
S4 NT2
Seretta Williams as Clea S4 SW1
S4 SW2

Contents copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.