The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Series 3 Cut autograph cards

"Cut" autograph cards use old autographs put into new cards (often text of the theatre flyer or part of a photograph are visible in the autograph window). Some cards are oversized (5 x 3.5 inches/ 13 x 9 cm). The original 2016 release had just 3 names (Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau and Barry Morse), the 2018 set had 15 names. Set 3 has around 30 different names, with around 100 cards in all. For some signatures, there is only one (Christopher Matthews, Rhonda Parker); there are 23 different Joan Collins cards.

Cut autograph cards are not in the regular boxes. They are issued as "case toppers" in purchases of 6 boxes or more, or in Platinum boxes. As there are only 30 multi-case sets, plus 10 (or 30) Platinum Boxes, many of the cut cards must be held back for later promotions.

Autograph Number Starting code
Nick Brimble as Ray Torens 1 S3-NBC1
Joan Collins as Kara 23 S3-JCC1 (most double size)
Oliver Cotton as Spearman 1 S3-OCC1
Carolyn Courage as First Girl 1 S3-CCC1 (double-size)
Michael Culver as Pete Irving 4 S3-MCC1
Lucinda Curtis as Tessa 1 S3-LCC1
Sarah Douglas as B 2 S3-SDC1-2 (S3-SDC2 is double size)
Peter Duncan as Cantar 10 S3-PDC1
Ann Firbank as Consul Varda 3 S3-AFC1
Val Guest - Director 1 S3-VGC1
Jan Harvey as Alpha News Service Girl 15 S3-JHC1
Clive Hornby as Security Guard 1? S3-CHC1
Freddie Jones as Dr Charles Logan 23 S3-FJC1
Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig 8 S3-MLC1
James Laurenson as Patrick Osgood 4 S3-JLC1
Leigh Lawson as Zarl 1 S3-LLC1 (double size)
Rula Lenska as Joan Conway 5 S3-RLC1
Christopher Matthews as Main Mission Operative 1 S3CMC1 (double size)
Leo McKern as Companion Gwent 4 S3-LMCC1
Ian McShane as Anton Zoref 2 S3-IMC1
Zienia Merton as Sandra Benes 4 S3-ZMC1
Lee Montague as Dorzak 2 S3-LMC1
Barry Morse as Prof. Victor Bergman 15 S3-BMC1
Hildegard Neil as Eliza 1 S3-HNC1
Rhonda Parker as Kaldorian 1 S3-RPC1
Nadim Sawalha as Zoran 3 S3-NSC1
Kathryn Lee Scott as Yesta 5 S3-KLSC1
Michael Sheard as Dr. Darwin King 1 S3-MSC1
John Shrapnel as Jack Tanner 1 S3-JSC1
Gwen Taylor as Earth Nurse
(The nurse is actually Gypsie Kemp, not Gwen Taylor)
4 S3 GWC1
Anthony Valentine as Male Alien 1 S3-AVC1
Gary Waldhorn as Winters 2 S3-GWC1
Billie Whitelaw as Zamara 3 S3-BWC1
Douglas Wilmer as Commissioner Dixon 1 S3-DWC1

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