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Compiled by Martin Willey

Unstoppable Series 3 autograph cards

Each box contains a full set of 20 different autographs. In previous sets there were only 1, 2 or 3 random autograph cards in each box; there were 18 different signatures in set 1, and 23 in set 2.

Most actors signed two different card designs, and each box contains only one design. Each box is marked "A" (for the first card design) or "B" (for the second card design). Barbara Bain signed a third design, only available in multiple case purchases.

Some cards are only available in one design: Eva Reuber-Staier, Anton Phillips and Valerie Leon. These are available in both "A" and "B" sets.

Some of the autograph cards are left-over from the series 2 set (series 3 has blue labels; series 2 has orange labels). There were 9 different series 2 cards with five different signers: Sarah Bullen, Sam Dastor, Gay Hamilton, John Hug and Eva Reuber-Staier.

Card back Card back

Although promotional images promise 20 cards, 22 names were advertised. The two names that didn't appear (but were pictured) were Isla Blair (at least one card, "as Carla in Journey To Where", S3 IB1), and John Standing (series 2, JS1 and JS2). These appeared in Christmas promotional packs for dealers in December 2019.

The "S3" autographs are also available on special "metallic copper" or "Metallik" designs (equivalent to the mirror foil cards in 2016). These cards are the same design and serial codes as the standard autograph cards, but with a glossy amber surface. Many of the Barbara Bain cards are metallic versions (there are few plain white versions). For other cards, each design is numbered out of 20, and available in multiple case purchases (see below), and the "Platinum set" in November 2019.

Autograph "A" box design "B" box design
Barbara Bain
as Dr. Helena Russell
a third card is available as a case topper, see below
Many examples of both cards, especially S3 BB1, are metallic.
Unlike the multi-box versions (below) these are not numbered.
S3 BB1
S3 BB2
Catherine Schell
as Maya (S3 CS1)/ as Servant of the Guardian (S3 CS2)
S3 CS1
S3 CS2
Robert Atiko
as Technician
S3 RA1
S3 RA1
Roy Boyd
as Joe Lustig
S3 RB1
S3 RB2
Sarah Bullen
as Kate
series 2 SB1
Sam Dastor
as Dr Ed Spencer
series 2, SD1
Anthony Forrest
as Carson
Both images are almost identical, S3 AF1 being zoomed in
S3 AF1
S3 AF2
Gay Hamilton
as Eva Zoref
series 2, GH1
Prentis Hancock
as Paul Morrow
S3 PH1
S3 PH2
John Hug
as Bill Fraser
series 2 JH1
Susan Jameson
as Prof. Juliet Mackie
S3 SJ1
S3 SJ2
Brian Johnson
Special Effects Director
S3 BJ1
S3 BJ2
Jack Klaff
as Security Guard
S3 JK1
S3 JK2
Valerie Leon
as Thule Girl
S3 VL1
Vicki Michelle
as Barbara in The Taybor
S3 VM1
S3 VM2
Tony Osoba
as Security Guard
S3 TO1
S3 TO2
Christopher Penfold
Writer/Story Consultant
S3 CP1: Front: Scene from the episode Space Brain
S3 CP2: Front: Scene from the episode The Last Sunset
S3 CP1
S3 CP2
Anton Phillips
as Dr. Bob Mathias
S3 AP1
David Robb
as Main Mission Operative
S3 DR1
S3 DR2
Eva Reuber-Staier
as Jane
series 2, ERS1

Per case of six sets, one of 30 limited "cut" autographs, plus the third Bain card. Many of these autographs were not pre-announced (only Bain, the metallic Schell, and cut cards for Duncan, Laurenson, Douglas and Harvey).

Barbara Bain
as Dr. Helena Russell
Metallic copper versions of most S3 cards. Each is a numbered edition of 20.
Barbara Bain's metallic cards (S3 BB1 and S3 BB2) are not numbered and appear in regular boxes
"Cut" cards, inserting old autographs into new cards. More details

December 2019 Dealer Sets

In December 2019, additional cards (1/50) were released in special dealer packs. Two (Rula Lenska and John Standing) are series 2 cards. In addition, many of the "base" autograph set above were also issued in 1/20 metallic versions.

Isla Blair
S3 IB1 "as Carla"
S3 IB2 "as Female Alien"
Eric Carte
as Collins
S3 EC1
S3 EC2
Melita Clarke
as Main Mission Technician
S3 MC1
Rula Lenska
as Joan Conway
John Standing
as Pasc

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