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Script To Screen: Missing Link
by Martin Willey

Script To Screen

Missing Link

In the episode, after the rescue Eagle lands, we see a short sequence in the crashed Eagle command module. Alan asks "He's going to be alright, isn't he?" Helena replies "I don't know. We can't do any more for him here, we've got to get him back to Alpha." At that moment Mathias arrives from the passenger section, but before he can say anything we cut to Alan calling Main Mission to ask for a cargo Eagle. We don't see Bergman or Sandra at all, and we don't know what happened to them.

These scenes (and other Eagle shots) were filmed on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May 1974. The script shows Bergman and Sandra, and Mathias explains their condition.

The description of the cargo Eagle docked to the boarding tube would be challenging, as the winch platform has no door. The scene was storyboarded.


MATHIAS and the TWO MEDICAL STAFF are attending to
BERGMAN and SANDRA. SANDRA is still unconscious.
MATHIAS has just finished checking her. He's quite
worried as he moves over to BERGMAN.


I think I've broken a few ribs.
How's John? Sandra?


Both still unconscious.


HELENA is checking KOENIG's pulse and the cut on his
forehead. Then, using a of light meter which
records his brain waves, she tries to determine if
there's been any brain damage. CARTER watches


He's going to all right,
isn't he?



I don't know.

Just then MATHIAS moves in from the Passenger Module.


Dr Russell ... it's bad. The
Professor's some broken ribs,
any one might puncture a lung.
Sandra .. severe concussion.
There could be a blood clot.
Certainly they can't be moved.


We've got to get them back to
Alpha. There's nothing more we
can do for them here.

CARTER has the solution. Quickly, he switches on the


(on intercom)



Yes, Alan. Go ahead.


Send us a cargo Eagle as fast
as you can. We can't move anyone.
We'll have to separate this section
from the rest of the ship and have
it carried back to Alpha.

CARTER switches off as HELENA and MATHIAS react.

CARTER (Contd.)

Doctor, it's the only thing
we can do.


It whines towards the door of the Cargo Eagle and
locks on.


The Cargo Eagle sits there with the Boarding Tube
locked to its side door. After a moment, the
Boarding Tube unlocks and starts to pull back. As
soon as it clears, the Cargo Eagle lifts off.

The Cargo Eagle moves away from Alpha. - SFX.

In the 4th July additional script, there are a number of insert shots and voice overs added, including for this scene. The additional shot is a close up of Koenig's face, with Mathias's new lines heard over. The passenger module scene with Bergman and Sandra is gone, as have Bergman's broken ribs (now he is "not too bad").

Even though we see Mathias open his mouth to speak just as the shot cuts to the Koenig close up, we don't hear his dialogue in the final cut. While it forgets about the two others in the crash, missing these lines skips the problem that Sandra, like Koenig, cannot be moved. Separating the command module helps Koenig, but Sandra is still stuck in the passenger module. Can the cargo Eagle return and pick up the rest of the Eagle?

Missing Link Missing Link

The wider shot with Carter, Mathias, Koenig and Helena was shot in May. The close up of Koenig was shot in July; Barbara Bain was not present, and a hand double is wearing her ring. According to the July script Mathias would have new dialogue heard over this close-up - but the new lines were cut too. See the call sheet.


KOENIG'S face, with HELENA attending to the wound on
his forehead.


Doctor Russell, the Professor's
not too bad. Sandra...severe
concussion. There could be a
blood clot. Certainly they can't
be moved.


Establishing shot. Planet Zenno in F.G. with the
Moon in B.G.



No need to open the door, Commander.
In my first experiment I am
returning you to Alpha.



Look, there are wonders out
there beyond your imagination.

19. INSERT. Vital Sign Indicator Screen with legend
over it: KOENIG. The lifelines register nothing.

Missing Link

Scene 16 is a new special effects shot. Although there were shots of the planet over the crashed Eagle, it seems there were no suitable space scenes when they created the final edit. This shot appears at the start of act two, just after Koenig has first met Raan. See here for the effects storyboard

Missing Link Missing Link Missing Link Missing Link

Peter Cushing and Joanna Dunham had to return for short pieces of dialogue. Raan's new dialogue is added to scene 70, which starts in Koenig's quarters when he tries to use his commlock on the door. There are some major edits here.

Originally, as scripted and filmed, Koenig finds himself first in a black void, then in the yellow void where he is attacked by three creatures. He then finds himself in the Eagle seat, screaming at Victor. Then he awakes in the Moonbase diagnostic unit, where he meets Bergman.

The editor swaps these scenes around. After he uses his commlock, Koenig finds himself in the medical ward with Bergman, scene 71. Then we move to the nightmare sequence with the creatures, scene 70.

The additional line of dialogue tells the audience that the diagnostic unit and Bergman are part of Raan's experiment. In the original the viewer is still guessing whether Raan was a dream, and Koenig had really woken up on Alpha. Raan's line removes any ambiguity, making the plot a bit more straightforward. We see the dialogue over an image of Raan, but he is not speaking. This is an out-take of Raan watching Koenig in the deserted Alpha, from earlier.

Missing Link Missing Link

Vana's new line is heard over the image of the Zenno city, originally scene 86, before Vana promises him "A world without fear". The original line was similar: "There are wonders here beyond your imagination." "Here" is changed to "out there".

Missing Link Missing Link

Finally we the script specifies a close-up of a monitor screen showing Koenig's life signs. The original scene was 41, filmed on Tuesday, 30th April. We see a medium shot of Landau standing next to the screen, showing the life signs marked Koenig and Benes. On a 1970s television, the labels and the activity of the two lines would not have been obvious, so they added a close up. Unfortunately the new close-up shot, filmed on Monday 22nd July, has an obvious mistake. Koenig's name was correctly spelled on the original set in April, and in the script, but the label in July has the spelling "Keonig". See the call sheet.