The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Technical Facilities
by Martin Willey

9.6 Field Equipment


Small video cameras are used by Maya in A Matter Of Balance and Kander in The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 (he uses a small screen unit to replay the colour pictures). Ferro in The Testament Of Arkadia has a conventional camera

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Audio Recorder

Sally in The Lambda Factor has a magnifying glass which she uses as an audio recorder.

Limpet transmitter

Koenig uses a type 42/77 limpet transmitter in The Taybor to transmit signals into hyperspace (channel D4; see also The Testament Of Arkadia when Koenig places a trace on an Eagle using sub-space frequency 220).

The Taybor

Sonarscope/ Thermal Lance

Laser cutter (named a Sonarscope in The Mark Of Archanon script) seen in The Mark Of Archanon, The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 & The Immunity Syndrome. More

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Translation device

Used by Anna in The Testament Of Arkadia. Actually a 1970s electric calculator (the Olivetti Divisumma)

The Testament Of Arkadia


Seen in The Testament Of Arkadia & Catacombs Of The Moon.

The Catacombs Of The Moon torches are Eveready 112 "All American" lanterns, first produced in 1969. This is the US model; the British Ever Ready company was, at the time, separate from the US Union Carbide Eveready company. It is possible that the Alphan torches were painted. Thanks to Richard Totis.

The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia Catacombs Of The Moon
Catacombs Of The Moon


In Ring Around The Moon (worn by the rescue astronauts), The Last Sunset (used by Koenig), The Last Enemy (Koenig's), The Testament Of Arkadia (held by Ferro), End Of Eternity (on the Eagle) and The Taybor (traded to Taybor). From the UFO episodes "Mindbender" and "Destruction".

Ring Around The Moon
The Last Sunset


Mentioned in Earthbound, & in script of The Last Sunset.

Hand held scanners

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