The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Technical Facilities
by Martin Willey

9.5 Lab Equipment


Models by Advance Instruments, Tektronix and Marconi are popular models. More



Professor Bergman, and others, have two perspex spheres containing electronics and lights. One of the spheres is later incorporated into Verdeschi's beer making machine. Both also appear on Entra in Devil's Planet where they are part of the machine to read Koenig's mind. More details

Barry Morse title

Sensor unit

With an adjustable arm, seen in Space Brain, The Last Sunset, and in Medical in Force Of Life (the arm first appeared in Medical in Breakaway, Earthbound & Another Time, Another Place).

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset Force Of Life Force Of Life
Space Brain

Geodesic domes

In use on Earth in Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place

Alpha Log Recorder

Used in by Helena (more details). The Metamorph

Particle analyser

Referred to in Matter Of Life And Death.


Incorporating a proton bombarder is seen in A Matter Of Balance.

Also seen in Weapons Section in The Beta Cloud, and in the Power Room in Journey To Where. It can just be seen in Engineering in The Lambda Factor. The brand name "Krokus color SL" is visible - it's a photograph enlarger, made in Poland. More details

A Matter Of Balance Journey To Where The Lambda Factor
The Beta Cloud


A variety of microscopes are seen (some looking suspiciously like plumbing supplies...). More. There are tall microscope-like instruments
Seed Of Destruction

Seed Of Destruction

Pressure device

Carolyn Powell's experiment in The Lambda Factor

The Lambda Factor

Antimatter bombarder

Used in the Command office in End Of Eternity.

End Of Eternity

Voyager control circuit

Recreated in Voyager's Return

Voyager's Return

Wave amplifier

Mateo's equipment in The Troubled Spirit

The Troubled Spirit

Test package

Simulating blood pressure, respiration and body temperature in Journey To Where (actually an Ariel capsule from The Last Sunset, painted red; it is also seen in A Matter Of Balance)

Journey To Where

Robot Fabrication/3D Printing

Used by Helena in The Taybor to create a robot Maya.

The Taybor


A heat sensitive explosive featured in Catacombs Of The Moon. A box is also seen in The AB Chrysalis

Catacombs Of The Moon

Geology Equipment

Equipment seen in All That Glisters and subsequent episodes. More

Laser Controls

Various laser controls and nuclear detonators are seen. More details.

The Seance Spectre

Nuclear charges

In Space Brain More details.

Space Brain

Atomic fuel cylinder

In The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (also in Brian The Brain; see also the fuel core in The Infernal Machine).

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Mobile nuclear generator

Seen in A Matter Of Balance and The Lambda Factor. Also seen in the Pigs In Space segment of The Muppet Show!

The Lambda Factor
A Matter Of Balance

Eagle starboard atomic booster motor

In Engineering in The Lambda Factor, this is made by Marconi, according to the labels. More

The Lambda Factor

Eagle remote control unit

Seen in Year One on Paul or Alan's desk and also seen throughout Alpha (more details).



Seen in Year Two in Command Center. It is a Decimo Timemachine, a Japanese made calculator/ clock sold in Britain in the 1970s. The display is green fluorescent with 12 digits.

The A B Chrysalis

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