The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

ID Badges

It seems a little odd that in Year 2 Alphans had to wear picture ID, but it hadn't been required in Year 1. Even if the badge provided additional security - perhaps a radio id (RFID) - its function seems to overlap with the commlock, which also had the owner's photo on it. The badges are obscured when crew wear jackets, and for security guards the shoulder sash often covers the badge.

Dragon's Domain

The first ID badges are seen on the 1996 jackets in Dragon's Domain. It is similar to the Year 2 version- a large black and white photo, with a bar underneath with text: "Security" and the person's surname. There is no vertical stripe on the right, or any section designation.

The Year 2 badge. The top line is a section or job designation. Early episodes included a number alongside (generally "234"). The middle line says "Security". The lower line has the name - a surname, an initial and surname ("S.Benes" here), or just a nickname ("Sahn", in later episodes).

The Metamorph The A B Chrysalis

Koenig's ID badge is rarely seen in full, due to his jacket. Uniquely it has a red stripe. His designation is "Commander 1".

The Seance Spectre Devil's Planet The Dorcons

Many of the main cast have different ID photos over the series. Koenig has a different photo here, without a red stripe. By the end of the series, the "E" in Koenig has rubbed out.

The A B Chrysalis The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Medical personnel have their title "Dr." - here "Dr. H.Russell". Note the size of the text differs between the badges seen here.

Space Warp Space Warp

Helena has a different picture here- it is still "Dr H Russell" but the section now has a number, 195.

The Taybor The Mark Of Archanon Brian The Brain

The same picture as the first badge, above, but with a different name: "DR H RUSSEL" (one "L"), appeared in The Taybor, The Rules of Luton, The Mark Of Archanon, Brian The Brain and The AB Chrysalis.

The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles

In The Exiles, Maya has a badge showing section "Command Centre" but no name (in some scenes, filmed months later, she is named on her badge). For the final "old Maya" scenes, she sometimes has a badge with the name "L.Picard" and a picture of Jenny Cresswell.

All That Glisters Journey To Where

Maya still has her badge without a name in All That Glisters. We first see her name on her badge in Journey To Where (we don't see her badge in One Moment of Humanity as she wears a dress or a jacket).

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Sometimes, even in the same episode, the picture changes. On the first, Maya's section is "Command Centre" (British spelling). On the second, it is "Command Center" (American spelling).

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis

Also with two badges, Alan's section is first "Command Centre", and then "Chief Pilot".

New Adam, New Eve

Alan's "Command Centre" picture has the number "234" (like other Command Centre badges).

Space Warp

And here, Alan is "Astronaut".

The Metamorph

Tony Verdeschi is in "Command Centre". His first initial is "T" for Tony, not "A" for Anthony (his real name, according to The Immunity Syndrome).

The Metamorph The Seance Spectre

Sandra Benes is "S.Benes" in early episodes- and "Sahn" in later ones.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 Space Warp

Ben Vincent is "Dr.Vincent"- with no initial - in section "Medical 195"


Dr Ed Spencer is "E. Spencer" with no title- but his section is "Doctor".

The A B Chrysalis The Beta Cloud A Matter Of Balance

Even though he is working in Command Center, Bill Fraser has the designation "Pilot" in this shot. Note his name is "B.Fraser"- Bill is not short for William. There are different photos in different episodes - in most episodes, Fraser's photo shows him wearing a spacesuit, not a uniform.

Devil's Planet The Immunity Syndrome The Dorcons

Alibe has the name "Ameson" (with no initial).

New Adam, New Eve

Yasko has no surname. Her section is "Command Center" (American spelling).

The Metamorph

Annette Fraser is in "Technician 15".

The Seance Spectre

All the "surface exploration crew" in The Seance Spectre have the "Command Center" designation.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Sandstrom is "Medical 195"

A Matter Of Balance

Shermeen is in section "Botanist". The leafy background could be in Hydroponics, or an earlier planetary expedition.

The Immunity Syndrome

Lustig is in section "Engineer"

The Dorcons

"H Cantar" is in "Life Support"

Journey To Where The Dorcons

"Jackson" in "Command Center" (with a yellow sleeve), while "Stewart" is in "Security" (but with a red sleeve).

The A B Chrysalis The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Extras often have no name on their badge- but later Glenda Allen would get her name displayed: "G.Allen".

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Sometimes extras don't have their own badges- in this shot from The Bringers of Wonder part 2 Reg Turner has the photo of Andy Johnson (from The Mark of Archanon)

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 The Seance Spectre The Immunity Syndrome

This is the "Martin" badge, showing a photo of Harry Fielder. Harry is wearing it (as "George") in The Seance Spectre. Maxwell Craig, looking nothing like Harry, is wearing it in The Bringers Of Wonder part 2. Jack Klaff wears it in The Immunity Syndrome.

Devil's Planet

In Devil's Planet, Glenda Allen has an ID badge showing Eva Lewis (played by Carolyn Seymour) from The Seance Spectre.

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

In The Lambda Factor, Harry Fielder is wearing a badge showing Jack Klaff with the name "J Klaff".

The id cards at Pinewood Studios in 1976. see more

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