The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

The Moonbase Alpha crest was seen throughout the series, on astronaut suits and Eagles. In Year 2, jackets were introduced with several new designs of badges. Mare Fitzgerald wrote an explanation of the badges in 1979. See photos of the original badges

Journey To Where

While the main characters had their badges sewn to their uniforms, the extras were often lightly glued so they could be replaced; here the corners are clearly coming loose.

Seed Of Destruction Seed Of Destruction

Special reversed badges were made for Koenig's mirror jacket in Seed Of Destruction - except for the Planispharium Caleste starburst, which Koenig covers with his hand.

Alpha Moonbase Crest Moonbase Alpha crest Trapezium. Includes picture of Earth and Moon, linked by orbital paths (the model version was simpler, without the orbits). The Moon is larger, and on the left. Used on Eagles (nose cone and pods), tanks (The Infernal Machine); spacesuits, Arctic wear (Death's Other Dominion), orange jackets (Koenig & Cellini in Dragon's Domain, guards in The Testament Of Arkadia), blue jacket (Bergman in Dragon's Domain, Alan in Year 2); badminton tops (The Last Sunset)
Spectrum click for larger image (67k) Rectangular. Star-field top left, a vertical spectrum below & right (like American flag). On moonbuggy and spacesuits (left shoulder only); Astro 7 jacket (Matter Of Life And Death). Also on exterior bulkhead of Eagle (sets only, not SFX models- see Matter Of Life And Death).
V.J.C. VJC and AMC Rectangular, white letters on red. Worn on pyjamas & Koenig's Year 2 jackets.
ID badge Rectangular. First seen on jackets in Dragon's Domain (worn by Bergman, Koenig & Cellini), then worn on the chest of all Year 2 uniforms. Include a b/w photo of the person, with two black stripes below: the upper stripe stated the section (eg "Command Centre", with British spelling) or job title ("Commander" "Pilot") and the lower the person's name (eg "T. Verdeschi"). The Year 1 versions do not have a thin stripe on the right side of the photograph. See more
Dragon's Domain
S.A.T. Dragon's Domain Escutcheon. Red borders, letters top, with a spaceship amongst stars below. Worn on Astro 7 jacket (Matter Of Life And Death), orange and blue jackets (Dragon's Domain, The Testament Of Arkadia, Alan Year 2), Koenig's black jacket.
A Circular. Large white A on blue background. Worn on orange and blue jackets (Dragon's Domain, The Testament Of Arkadia, Alan Year 2), Helena's jackets.
LSRO click for larger image (129k) Circular. Top half is red, bottom half has letters on white background. On uniforms of Maya, Sandra, Yasko, Mark (The Lambda Factor), Reilly (All That Glisters), Eva (The Seance Spectre) & on Tony's jacket.
Triangle Triangle Circular. Red triangle pointing right, with white circle left. Jackets: Koenig, Helena, Spencer (Dorzak), Reilly (All That Glisters)
Starburst Starburst Circular. Yellow starburst on blue background; text around is "Planispharium Caleste" (a misspelling of the Latin Planisphaerium Caelestem- starry vault). On jackets of Koenig, Helena, Fraser, Osgood (Catacombs Of The Moon). Uniforms: Petrov (The Metamorph), Sanderson (The Seance Spectre), Crato (The Lambda Factor), Bartlett (The Bringers Of Wonder). Dorzak
1 1/3 AM click for larger image (113k) Circular. Small circles with numbers in red background. Jackets: Alibe, Sanderson (The Seance Spectre), Maine (Devil's Planet), Spencer (The Immunity Syndrome), Crato (The Lambda Factor). Uniforms: Fraser, Mark (The Lambda Factor).
AMC VJC and AMC Rectangular. Blue background, with letters in white circles. Jackets: Koenig, Alan, Shermeen (A Matter Of Balance), silver space suit (The Seance Spectre)
Sunrise Sunrise Circular. Black hemisphere with yellow halos rising into blue background. Jackets: Alan, Nunez (The Mark Of Archanon), silver space suit (The Seance Spectre).
Bar Bar Circular. A red bar in white background. Two outer rings, the inner one yellow. Jackets: Alan. Uniforms: nurses, Mathias, Vincent, Nunez (The Mark Of Archanon), Andy (The Mark Of Archanon), Maine (Devil's Planet), Spencer (The Immunity Syndrome), Sally Martin (The Lambda Factor).
The A B Chrysalis
Eagle The Exiles Circular. Text "Eagle" around a black circle featuring the Eagle number. Worn on Year 2 spacesuits.
Security Dorzak Circular. Text "Security" around a black circle featuring an "S". Worn on right arm of Security uniforms.
Long in The Mark Of Archanon and Quinton/Pierre in Brian The Brain have a badge with no letter "S", just a black circle.
Anti Contamination Dorzak Circular. Text around a black circle. Worn on Helena's silver suit in Dorzak.

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