The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Black Sun The Testament Of Arkadia

Silver jackets are used in Black Sun & The Testament Of Arkadia. These have a black bar on either side of the torso, with a pocket on the left chest.

The Testament Of Arkadia Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

Victor wears a blue vinyl jacket on Alpha in 1996 (Dragon's Domain) while Koenig & Cellini wear orange vinyl jackets on Earth. The orange jackets are worn by the guards in The Testament Of Arkadia. Victor's blue jacket was worn by Alan in The Metamorph, One Moment Of Humanity & All That Glisters. Koenig's orange jacket was worn by Picard in The Metamorph & Maya in One Moment Of Humanity.

The same brand of racing style jacket was also worn by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (in yellow during medal ceremony) and Empire Strikes Back (orange, as a pilot). Greedo also wears a modified version of the jacket, and other snowspeeder and X-wing pilots in Empire also wear the jacket with modified collars.

In Year 2 the jackets had a variety of colours, with a beige band on the left forearm. Most jackets were cheap, unlined polyester-cotton with a beige band down the front bordering the zip, decorated with badges. Three good quality jackets, with stitching and incorporating belts, were prepared. Koenig had an intricately-stitched red jacket. Helena had a blue jacket. Maya had a blue jacket with red chevrons across the chest, seen in New Adam, New Eve and A Matter Of Balance. More frequently, they wore the same cheap jackets as the rest of the cast: Koenig had a black jacket (later navy), Helena a blue one, and Maya a green jacket.

The "good" jackets could have a commlock or stun gun attached externally, and could be worn zipped up. The "cheap" jackets cannot, so were always worn open (in a few shots Koenig has his black jacket zipped up and cannot have a commlock on him).

The Metamorph

Koenig's jacket. Emma Porteus designed the jacket; her annotations read "Jacket to be worn over basic costume. Burnt orange 'waterproof'. Double stitched in white - padded shoulders - double pockets with zipped outside pocket."
Koenig usually wears this jacket on planetary expeditions- on Alpha he normally changes to a black or navy jacket. The only times he wears it on Alpha are en route to an Eagle and in 3 episodes: in the cold Alpha in One Moment Of Humanity, in A Matter Of Balance after returning from a planet, and Seed of Destruction when he has been replaced by the "mirror" Koenig.

Tony wore a dark green or navy jacket and Alan a green or red jacket. Most jackets were red, blue or green, although in One Moment Of Humanity Sandra wears a yellow one. Reilly in All That Glisters has a camouflage combat jacket.

While the main characters had different jackets in different episodes, the badges on the jackets were usually the same. An exception is Tony in Brian The Brain and New Adam, New Eve; normally his jacket (in navy or green) has "LSRO" on the chest, but in these episodes he wears a green jacket with a different "AM" badge (Fraser is wearing his navy LSRO jacket in Brian The Brain). Maya rarely wears a jacket, and her badges are also inconsistent.

Koenig is only rarely seen without a jacket (in Journey To Where & in publicity shots only of The A B Chrysalis). Helena & Maya often do not wear jackets. The only episode where Tony is seen without his jacket is Catacombs of the Moon.

Seed Of Destruction One Moment Of Humanity


Koenig Helena Maya Tony Alan
The Metamorph Red Blue 1 - Navy "LSRO" Blue vinyl
The Exiles Black - - Navy "LSRO" -
One Moment Of Humanity Black / Red - Orange Navy "LSRO" Blue vinyl
Journey To Where Black Blue 2 - Navy "LSRO" Red
All That Glisters Red Blue 1 Green Navy "LSRO" Blue vinyl
The Mark Of Archanon Black Blue 1 Green Navy "LSRO" Red
The Rules Of Luton Red - Green Navy "LSRO"
The Taybor Black - - Navy "LSRO"
Brian The Brain Black - - Green "AM"
New Adam, New Eve Blue / red Blue 1 Turquoise Green "AM" -
The A B Chrysalis Black Blue 2 - -
Catacombs Of The Moon Black - - Navy "LSRO"
Seed Of Destruction Red - - Navy "LSRO" Green
The Beta Cloud Navy - - Green "LSRO" -
A Matter Of Balance Navy 2 / Red Blue 2 Turquoise Green "LSRO"
Space Warp Red - - Green "LSRO" Green
The Bringers Of Wonder Navy 2 Blue 2 - Green "LSRO" Green
The Lambda Factor Navy Blue 2 - Green "LSRO" Green
The Seance Spectre Navy Blue 2 - Green "LSRO" Green
Dorzak Blue 2 - Navy "LSRO" Green
Devil's Planet Navy
The Immunity Syndrome Navy Blue 2 - Navy "LSRO" Green
The Dorcons Navy Blue 2 - Green "LSRO" Green

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