The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey
Graphics by Roberto Baldassari


Single window to lunar surface Black Sun Black Sun

The windows to the lunar surface have angled glass (facing down, so they don't reflect overhead studio lights). The Missing Link corridor is unique in having windows to the surface (and steps). The exterior wall is also angled.
Rarely (in Breakaway and Alpha Child only), Medical observation rooms have the same design of window (but with straight walls on both sides). The same design of panel is sometimes used, without glass but with a similarly sloping section, as a shelf unit (in the War Games picture of the large window below, one is alongside it).

Missing Link Breakaway
Double window (Observation Room)

There are two designs of wider window. The larger version is often used for Medical Observation Rooms. The glass is angled. When we look through the window into the observation room, the top is closer (so set lights are not reflected).

End Of Eternity The Exiles
Force Of Life Dragon's Domain
Double window (external)

The wide observation window was used as an external window in Medical Centre in War Games. There are also angled windows showing the lunar surface on the Main Mission balcony, and one of these appears in Observation in Seed Of Destruction.

War Games
Double window (hangar)

The smaller version is seen rarely. It is seen in Flight control overlooking the Eagle hangar in Breakaway, in Intensive Care in Space Brain, and Medical in The Troubled Spirit, and finally, again looking into the Eagle hangar, from the Control Room in Space Warp. Again, the glass is angled.

Breakaway The Troubled Spirit
NDA2 depot windowNDA2 depot window

These windows only appear in the Nuclear Disposal Area 2 depot

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