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We have seen 4 of the 6 suits here. The remaining two were in the collection of Hollywood SFX model maker Greg Jein, and were sold in 2023 for $13,750 each (he also owned numerous uniforms)

Both suits are dirty, and the rubber collar has deteriorated badly. The suits have the original gloves and fibreglass wrist locks. The Bain suit also has the original belt, labelled with her name. The yellow boots on the Bain suit are modern replacements for display.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

One suit was listed as "Koenig", but only the helmet was used by Landau. The suit had a name on the inside leg- "Bartlett - Young". This is Bartlett, played by Jeremy Young in the episode Bringers of Wonder. Young is wearing the suit here- note the pocket on the leg, and the wrist lock was damaged even during filming. There were three spacesuits with leg pockets- the only one seen in use was was number 4, worn by Barry Morse in Black Sun. It is not known if this was ever used by Landau- he never wore it while it had the leg pocket.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

The camera helmet was introduced in The A B Chrysalis. The black edge of the top ridge, and the rectangles around the visor, are now yellow. Koenig wears it again in The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 and part 2.

The Bain suit is labelled "BB 2". The main characters had multiple uniforms, but we only know of 6 spacesuits for the entire production, and the main actors did not seem to have duplicates. The "2" probably refers to "spacesuit 2", as several of the other suits were numbered.

The name has been removed from the helmet. There is no zip on either arm, and like the Bartlett suit above the lower leg pocket is practical. Barbara wears the suit in Ring Around The Moon, Earthbound, The Infernal Machine, some shots in Space Warp and The Immunity Syndrome. In The Immunity Syndrome Maya and Helena "replace the metal seals on our spacesuits". The aluminium rings at the end of the legs are still covered in white tape (as the helmet collar was in the episode), which is peeling off in these photos.

Space City photo by Robin Hill

This is the Bain suit photographed at the Space City exhibition, with helmet labelled "Koenig" and the EVA backpack.

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