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Spacesuit EVA pack

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See continuity guide. EVA packs are seen in Space Brain and The Exiles, and appear in the background in A Matter Of Balance. The initial Space Brain version has more labels and a black central cylinder, which went missing in Year 2.

Space City photo by Robin Hill

The prop, with new labels, appeared in the Space City exhibition from 1977-1980. The labels are not accurate to the prop in the show, but are original studio labels seen on other props (with the characteristic mis-spelling "Proceedure").

The prop was then sold to Starlog writer David Hirsch, who then sold it to Hollywood SFX model maker Greg Jein. It was sold at auction in 2023 for $5,750.

The paint is falling off the main cylinders, revealing the left Thermos is yellow and the right is blue.

The arm handles are a pistol grip/shoulder stock combination to steady a stills camera.

The top white part of two cylinders has a prominent brand mark- "Thermos Brand". The Thermos company was founded in Germany in 1912, and their glass vacuum flasks became a generic term for insulated bottles. The American branch of the company was also famous for lunch boxes, a national priority during World War 2. In 1953 they created a children's version in 1953 featuring Roy Rogers, leading to a new product line (they produced a Space: 1999 lunchbox in 1975).

The Thermos model is #6402, "wide mouth vacuum bottle", and has a capacity of 1 US quart/40 US fluid ozs/33 UK fluid ozs/1 litre. It is 4"/10cm diameter and 11.5"/29cm tall. There was also a smaller US pint model #6202 with a shorter ribbed section and the same cap ("filler") #64F. It came in many colours, including mustard yellow (the left EVA cylinder) and teal blue (the right EVA cylinder). The handles must have been removed, and the top cup is missing (the thread is visible on the rim above the white section, with black Letraline along the edges to distract the eye).

Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402 Thermos #6402

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