The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Alien Technology
by Martin Willey

18 Alien Technology

Almost all speak English (even trees and globs): the exceptions are the Arkadians (who speak Sanskrit) and the chrysalides in The A B Chrysalis who have to spend an hour learning it.

Mental powers

"Organic psycho waves" (Dorzak), "lambda waves" (The Lambda Factor) and psychic powers (The Troubled Spirit) are attributed to humans.

Telepathy (reading minds): Zennites (Missing Link)

Controlling minds: Psychons (Dorzak), rocks (All That Glisters)

Telekinesis (moving objects by mental power): humans influenced by lambda waves (The Lambda Factor)

"Molecular transformation": Psychons (The Metamorph)


Matter transport

Changing matter into energy, transmitting it and restoring it at a distant location.


interplanetary nuclear missiles (Betha & Delta, The Last Enemy)

battleships with powerful beam weapons (Dorcon The Dorcons, Jarak's world Alpha Child, Zemo The Infernal Machine)

handheld stasers (Croton Dorzak, and, sharing exactly the same design, Daria Mission Of The Darians and Sunim A Matter Of Balance).


ordinary ship computers (Kaldor and Croton)

very advanced androids and artificial intelligence: the Guardian of Piri Guardian Of Piri, the androids of Vega One Moment Of Humanity, the spaceship Gwent The Infernal Machine and the voice probes of the The A B Chrysalis planet.

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