The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Alien Planets
by Martin Willey

Planet Catalogue

Planet Episode Seen? Atmosphere Life Technology Notes
? The Bringers Of Wonder N None? Amorphous blobs of rotting biological matter, very intelligent Spaceships saturated with intense radiation (from an active sun?)
? The A B Chrysalis Y Chlorine Humanoids Apparently barren- all life in hibernation? Space travel (moon stations); defensive lightning system; voice probe computers with ring of moons
? War Games Y Breathable. Red. Humanoids Verdant Earth-type with forests Cities; illusions
? The Immunity Syndrome Y Breathable Earth type forests. Mysterious life force None
? The Immunity Syndrome Y Humanoids Space travel Visited above unnamed planet.
? Alpha Child N Non-humanoid Two types of spaceship Jarak's home world
? New Adam, New Eve N Humanoids Light decelerator crystals affording unlimited power Magus's home world (see New Earth)
? The Rules Of Luton N Humanoids Space travel Home world of the aliens trapped on Luton (see Luton). May be from 3 different worlds.
? All That Glisters Y Breathable Intelligent rocks, no other life None, but can fly an Eagle
Aion 5 The Taybor N
Archanon The Mark Of Archanon N Humanoid Faster than light spaceships; faster than light communication; stasis chambers
Ariel The Last Sunset Y 4 times oxygen of Earth (ie 84% oxygen by volume). Advanced technological species Give the Moon an atmosphere!
Arkadia. The Testament Of Arkadia Y Breathable Yellow sky Earth type with humanoids and forests (ancestors of Earth), destroyed by radiation Space travel
Atheria Collision Course Y Breathable.
Temperature range of -10 to +30 C (Earth has a range of -40 to +40).
Humanoids(?) Spaceship 3 x size of Moon (i.e. 40% size of Earth).
Azoth The Taybor N home of the Three Worlds Fair, the AstraAstra with the famed Rainbow Room- winner of 2 starbursts in the Gourmet's Guide To The Galaxy
Betanon Space Warp N Humanoids Space-warp spaceships
Betha & Delta The Last Enemy Y Breathable Humanoids Large battlecruisers; interplanetary missiles. Twin planets on opposite sides of their sun
Crom Two The Mark Of Archanon N Unknown but intelligent Use an Archanon symbol.
Croton Dorzak Y Home planet of Federated Worlds of Croton
Daria Mission Of The Darians N Humanoids Large sub-light ark ship, nuclear powered Destroyed when its sun went nova.
Dorca The Dorcons N Humanoids Small unmanned probes & large meson-drive battleships Home planet of the Dorcon Empire.
Ellna Devil's Planet Y Breathable Earth type planet with forests. Humanoids Matter transport for space travel; electric whips Moon Entra has same atmosphere and vegetation
Golos The Exiles Y Breathable Earth type planet with forests. Humanoids Mental control; matter transport; suspended animation
Hermosia The Taybor N Destroyed when its sun went nova, from where the drug/perfume "Infidelity" was harvested by robot ships
Kaldor Earthbound N Humanoids Slower-than-light spaceships; stasis All life became sterile
Kalthon Seed Of Destruction N Advanced technological species Created crystalline seed of Kalthon destroyed by a nearby black sun.
Kantonrek The Taybor N registry for jump ships
Kreno The A B Chrysalis & The Beta Cloud N chlorine atmosphere Short bipedal animals
Luton The Rules Of Luton Y Breathable constant temperature of 73 (i.e. 22) with apparently no climatic variation Earth type planet
Intelligent vegetation, dinosaur-like animals now extinct
Can make planet disappear
Med The Taybor N origin of the silver balls which evoke the sound of gentle water rolling on the planet sands
Meta Breakaway Y blue atmosphere Unknown issues a distinctive radio signal
New Earth New Adam, New Eve Y Breathable Humanoids None quarter the size of Earth
North Iridescent The Taybor N ice caves provide fine jewellery
Norvah Dorzak N Humanoids Slower-than-light photon drive spaceships; stasis; neuro-pulsonic jammers Planet of Federated Worlds of Croton
Pinvith the Lesser The Taybor N Humanoids insignificant native dirt of Taybor, on the Inner Vesica Route
Piri Guardian Of Piri Y Breathable; red Intelligent life, probably not humanoid Advanced computers and androids
Planet D Brian The Brain Y poisonous atmosphere petrified trees Similar in size to Moon
Progron End Of Eternity N Humanoids Immortality 3 light years from Moon during episode
Psychon The Metamorph Y atmosphere contains "carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen" and is pronounced "breathable" (no oxygen?) Humanoids Has a moon populated by bipedal animals (larren) which store oxygen (The Bringers Of Wonder). Molecular transformation and mind control (Dorzak); spaceships created by molecular transformation Volcanic planet, now destroyed.
Retha The Full Circle Y Breathable dense coniferous forests, large unseen animals which leave big footprints At the latitude of the Alphan landing party, the night is just four hours long
Shand N home of the mountain mystics and their memory mirrors
Shaymonol The Taybor N slave trading planet
Shmagod, Frontier Worlds of The Taybor N "Notorious"
Sidon, Federated Worlds Of Voyager's Return N Humanoids Long range slower than light spaceships
Sunim A Matter Of Balance Y Breathable temperature of 78 (i.e. 25), with no apparent climatic variation Humanoids; forests; Thaed Antimatter/matter converters Earth-like antimatter planet of the star 19 Pintarus
Terra Alpha MFMBA Y blue planet Unknown Colonised by the Alphans 20 years after the breakaway. Conditions are harsh and difficult.
Terra Nova Matter Of Life And Death Y vivid red sky, an atmosphere of 22% oxygen, 71% nitrogen, and a surface temperature at the landing site of 23. Forested, parrots. Illusion of a pleasant world. The reality is harsh storms and geological instability
Theselena. Dorzak N Prison world of Federated Worlds of Croton
Tora The Seance Spectre Y None. primitive proto planet, still in the thick cloud of dust that it condensed from. This stage is equivalent to Earth about 5 billion years ago.
Trading worlds The Taybor N Humanoids Jump drive spaceships use hyperspace Various trading worlds including: Aion 5, Azoth, Hermosia, Kantonrek, Med, North Iridescent, Pinvith the Lesser, Shand, Shaymonol and the Frontier Worlds of Shmagod
Triton Ring Around The Moon N Do not have a physical form Long ranging spaceship probes using light for forcefields 2 million light years from Earth, destroyed when the sun went nova
Ultima Thule Death's Other Dominion Y breathable Temperatures range from -60 during the day to -189 at night vegetation (Thulian salad) and large ox-like animals No native intelligent life. in a deep ice age.
Vega One Moment Of Humanity Y too thin for humans Humanoids Advanced computers and androids; "positronic transferpositronic transfer" can transport people
Zemo The Infernal Machine N Humanoids Advanced spaceship and artificial intelligence technology
Zenno Missing Link Y Breathable. Humanoids two million years more advanced than Earth Use light and mental control. People can be transported instantaneously. Five million light years distant from Earth; belongs to the solar system named Cryton

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