The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Earth History
by Martin Willey

1 Earth History

40,000 B.C.
The Full Circle
Cro Magnon man exists on Earth (Alphans regress to this stage in The Full Circle)
23,000 B.C. Arkadian colonists arrive on Earth (The Testament Of Arkadia)
3000 B.C. Triton probe visits Earth & is recorded in the pyramid texts of the Old Kingdom, the earliest kingdom of Ancient Egypt (Ring Around The Moon)
1400 B.C. Magus appears as an Egyptian magician & contends in magic with Moses in the Pharaoh's court (New Adam, New Eve, Exodus 7:11-9:11)
30 A.D. Magus appears as Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer) in Samaria & offers to buy the Nazerene's powers from the apostles (New Adam, New Eve, Acts 8:9-25)
500 Magus appears as Merlin (Myddrin), a wizard, in Wales (New Adam, New Eve)
1000 An Archanon base is established on the Moon (The Mark Of Archanon)
1338-1339 Koenig, Helena & Alan arrive in Scotland, leaving on New Year's Day, 1339 (Journey To Where). NB: Until 1600, New Year's Day in Scotland/England was March 25th.
The Visitation, by the Master of the Life of the Virgin, c1470
The anonymous Cologne painter later known as the Master of the Life of the Virgin paints the Visitation as part of a series of 8 paintings. Koenig completes a jigsaw of the painting in Space Brain.
1503-1566 Magus appears as Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame), a doctor and astrologer in France (New Adam, New Eve)
Phases of the Moon, by Andreas Cellarius
The astronomical atlas Harmonia Macrocosmica, by Andreas Cellarius, is published in Amsterdam. A print of the phases of the Moon from the atlas is seen in Bergman's quarters in Matter Of Life And Death and Ring Around The Moon, and in Recreation Center in One Moment Of Humanity with another illustration from the same atlas. More details
1873 Claude Monet paints "Coquelicots" (poppy field) near Argenteuil, France. A jigsaw featuring the painting is seen in the Recreation Center in The Seance Spectre
1950s Research into instantaneous matter transport begins (Ring Around The Moon)
1955 The architect Le Corbusier (1887-1965) builds the church Notre-Dame-du-Haut in Ronchamp, France. We see a painting of it in Recreation Center in The Lambda Factor.
1957 Yuri Gagarin, later to be the first man in space, does not marry Valentina (Journey To Where)
Late 1960s Apollo lunar landings. Apollo 9 photos (from March 1969) are seen in End Of Eternity and Dragon's Domain.
Skylab, 1973
Skylab, a US space station, is launched. Damage during launch destroys the micro-meteoroid shield and one of the main solar panels. A photo of the damaged Skylab (from June 1973) is seen in Bergman's quarters in Ring Around The Moon.
1974 Reclaiming of Sahara begins (completed by 1999) (The Last Sunset)
Early 1980s Moonbase Alpha is constructed (to exist by mid 1980s: Voyager's Return, Death's Other Dominion)
Voyager's Return
Voyager One is launched "to probe the galaxy for signs of intelligent life". Voyager Two is launched but kills 200 people. (Voyager's Return)
1986 Uranus Probe commanded by Jack Tanner launched; lost in a proton storm (Death's Other Dominion)
1987 Global war between races, classes and religions; aftermath is a new wonderful civilisation (The Rules Of Luton)
In Blam's Aftershock comic, this was a war between western nations and the "Eastern Alliance"
Dorfmann artificial heart perfected (Catacombs Of The Moon)
Early 1990s Venus space station(s) established; during a resupply mission the scientists are found to have plague & are abandoned (The Exiles, The Lambda Factor)
Nuclear Disposal Area One closed down (Breakaway)
Astro 7 mission to Jupiter locked in orbit and lost (Matter Of Life And Death)
Victor Bergman discovers planet Ultra (Dragon's Domain)
1996 Star mission of mothership & 4 Swifts under Capt. Michael launched; contact is lost (Brian The Brain)
Dragon's Domain
June 6th: Ultra Probe launched from interplanetary space dock under Tony Cellini (Dragon's Domain)
1997 After 8 month journey, Ultra Probe arrives at Ultra; contact is lost. Command module recovered 6 months later (August) (Dragon's Domain)
1998 World Series (American baseball): Boston Redsox won 4-3 against St. Louis Cardinals (Journey To Where)
In real life, the New York Yankees beat the San Diego Padres 3-0
1999 Unmanned Space-farer Nine encounters planet Meta. Meta probe prepared (Breakaway)
Sept 9th. John Koenig appointed Alpha Commander (Breakaway)
Sept 13th. Moon blasted out of Earth orbit (Breakaway)
21st century Serious pollution destroys all vegetation & makes air unbreathable. Enclosed metrocomplexes built (Journey To Where)
2026 Competitive sports banned on Earth (Journey To Where)
2074 Kaldorian ship due to arrive (Earthbound)
Journey To Where
Neutrino transmissions perfected. Texas city contacts Moon briefly (Journey To Where)
? Moon returns to Earth orbit, twice. (Another Time, Another Place)

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