The Catacombs The Character Guide
by Martin Willey


She has long straight very fair (almost white) hair. Her sleeve is brown, white or yellow- sometimes she's in two sections per episode.

Beta Cloud (nurse) The Beta Cloud
Dorzak (nurse);
Bringers of Wonder Pt.2 faints in corridor; The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
Lambda Factor seen in rec.centre; The Lambda Factor
Seance Spectre both as nurse as well as a technical section worker; The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre
Devil's Planet Command Centre operative Devil's Planet Devil's Planet
the Immunity Syndrome Command Center
The Dorcons also seen in corridor watching commpost broadcast The Dorcons


Her curly red hair is distinctive, even when she's only seen from behind.

Taybor (in corridor watching commpost broadcast); The Taybor
Catacombs of The Moon (Travel Tube; later in Medical Centre); Catacombs Of The Moon
The AB Chrysalis (nurse) The A B Chrysalis
Seed of Destruction; main mission operative; Seed Of Destruction
Space Warp: Command Centre (on left here) Space Warp
Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud
Bringers of Wonder (nurse?),
Lambda Factor (nurse); also seen in recreation centre wearing a Main Mission uniform?); The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor
Dorzak (surgeon) Dorzak


Long almost black hair.

The AB Chrysalis (nurse, on right facing camera) The A B Chrysalis
Bringers of Wonder Records Lab corridor The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
Seance Spectre red-sleeved Alphan in Recreation Center (on left) The Seance Spectre


nurse inCatacombs of the Moon(different hairdo)
Beta Cloud ; Weapons Section (also a main mission operative in the same episode); The Beta Cloud
Space Warp (on right, behind Peter Reeves) Space Warp
Bringers of Wonder Pt.I; The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Immunity Syndrome landing crew The Immunity Syndrome
Dorcons The Dorcons

Main Mission Operative

(On left here, in End Of Eternity.) She panics in Collision Course; she's also in War Games.

End Of Eternity Collision Course War Games

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