The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Technical Facilities
by Martin Willey

9.8 Cases and Bags

By Marcus Lindroos

Black Sun End Of Eternity

Equipment bags are cloth bags provided to carry and restrain loose equipment. They are seen in Black Sun and End of Eternity, among other episodes. Helena has a beige bag whereas Sandra's and Bergman's bags are yellow. The fabric is apparently vacuum and radiation resistant as Bergman carries a similar bag during his spacewalk in End of Eternity.

The Troubled Spirit

Bergman uses a smaller black bag to carry his lab equipment, in The Troubled Spirit.

The Immunity Syndrome

Black "Geology Kit No 4" bag, with stencilled letters, from All That Glisters and The Immunity Syndrome.

Catacombs Of The Moon

Black "Explosives" bag, also with stencilled letters, from Catacombs of the Moon

The Testament Of Arkadia

Large white suitcases are used by landing parties in The Testament of Arkadia as well as Guardian of Piri.

Black Sun

Helena's travel bag, from Black Sun.

The Last Sunset

Blue travel bag, or possibly water can, judging by the cap, from The Last Sunset.

Seed Of Destruction Catacombs Of The Moon

Red and brown suitcases in living quarters, from Catacombs of the Moon and Seed of Destruction

Death's Other Dominion The Full Circle

Red backpack and sleeping bag, from Death's Other Dominion. Also seen in The Testament of Arkadia. The sleeping bags are used in The Full Circle.

Black Sun

Carter and Fujita carry metallic suitcases in Black Sun.

The Testament Of Arkadia

Luke Ferro's brown briefcase, from The Testament of Arkadia

New Adam, New Eve A Matter Of Balance

Maya's equipment handbag, from New Adam New Eve and A Matter of Balance

Seed Of Destruction Seed Of Destruction Devil's Planet The Immunity Syndrome

Black case (The Immunity Syndrome), used for storing soil samples (Seed of Destruction) or biological specimen (A Matter of Balance). The same case (with different decals) also appears in Devil's Planet.

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance

A black case carried by Shermeen in A Matter Of Balance. Similar to the above case, but it is slimmer and opens at the top.

All That Glisters Seed Of Destruction Catacombs Of The Moon Space Warp Into Infinity

White "A" bags from Eagle passenger pod, All That Glisters and Seed of Destruction, and in the explosives room in Catacombs Of The Moon. The name "Tom Bowen" is visible in the Glisters close-up. These were first seen in Into Infinity; Tom Bowen was the Brian Blessed character. These cases are LP record cases. In the 1970s most of these were black vinyl, so it is possible they were painted silver for the show.

The Seance Spectre

Nuclear trigger carrying case, The Seance Spectre

Matter Of Life And Death Another Time, Another Place Dorzak

Sandra's case in Matter Of Life and Death is decorated with red and black lines; Koenig has the same case in Another Time, Another Place. These bags are often seen in travel tubes and on the shelves in living quarters.

Ring Around The Moon Matter Of Life And Death The Mark Of Archanon The A B Chrysalis The Seance Spectre The Immunity Syndrome Black Sun

The "Red cross" case seen in Matter Of Life and Death, Ring Around The Moon and The Immunity Syndrome; it seems to be the same design as the case above. On one side, in the centre of the cross, is a sunken handle. This is a tape transport case, with a winding spool.

Guardian Of Piri Dragon's Domain

Another type of film/tape case, with a handle in one corner (believed to be Ampex, although Scotch did similar models). One is dropped in a corridor in Guardian Of Piri. They sometimes have a shoulder strap. The yellow central spool hub with winding handle is clearly visible. The size corresponds closely to the 9 track 1/2 inch magnetic tape reels used for computer backups, common from the 1960s until the 1990s (the last 9 track 1/2 tape was produced in 2001; smaller cartridge formats have become more popular). Prop photos

Guardian Of Piri Dragon's Domain

Koenig's case in Guardian Of Piri is a little different design, and reappears in Dragon's Domain. A surviving prop of this design is expanded polystyrene; it may be a swimming pool float.

Matter Of Life And Death

Koenig's box, decorated with red lines, seems to be a toolbox with cantilever trays inside. In Matter Of Life and Death it contains Helena's water testing kit. The box is seen throughout the series.

Ring Around The Moon The Last Sunset The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia Space Brain Dragon's Domain The A B Chrysalis
The A B Chrysalis Seed Of Destruction

Various boxes are stored by the Eagle doors, as in this shot from A B Chrysalis (exactly the same boxes are in Seed Of Destruction). On the top shelf is Helena's water testing kit from Matter Of Life And Death. The second shelf contains a pack with a green "5". This 14" x 11.5" x 2.75" box is actually a polystyrene swimming float decorated with Letraset- the original prop sold for $415 in 2009.

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Marcus Lindroos.