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18th December 2004
11th December 2004
  • UK magazine Dreamwatch #124 (dated January 2005) has a Space: 1999 retrospective including an interview with Nick Tate.
28th November 2004
7th November 2004
  • Koralle books updated with new images (thanks to Patrick Zimmerman)
  • News: Space: 1999 will be remastered for a new DVD edition in the UK- possibly the show's 30th anniversary, September 2005. The new DVDs will be released by Network Video (part of the Virgin Group), who have a good reputation for cult television releases. It is uncertain at this stage whether the remastering will involve HD (high definition) masters. A&E are also considering a remastered release (see Scott Bosco's petition).
24th October 2004
  • News: three different Space: 1999 books will be published in November by Powys, and are now available for pre-order: Survival novel by Brian Ball, Eternity Unbound by William Latham, Year 2 Omnibus by Michael Butterworth.
14th October 2004
  • News: Fanderson have announced two UK Space: 1999 conventions in 2005; there are also two in the USA.
12th September 2004
14th August 2004
7th August 2004
  • TF1 DVDs updated with pictures of the Year 2 DVDs, out now. Thanks to Alain Carrazé
11th July 2004
  • Currently available merchandise updated: the Barry Morse autobiography Pulling Faces, Making Noises is now out, as is the magazine Modeler's Resource, with a cover feature on E James Smith's laser tank. A limited edition 22ct gold plated Eagle is due from Product Enterprise in August, and four of the five Palitoy action figures are being reissued in October.
24th June 2004
  • News: The French news-stand editions of the DVDs are selling so well, Year 2 discs will follow immediately after Year 1. Space 1999 appeared on the news stands at the same time as two other science fiction DVD series, Star Trek and Stargate SG-1, but the "Space:1999 magazine" proved to be a strong seller anyway. The discs are the same as in the boxed set, but in new packaging. Each disc has a 12-page booklet, containing photos, articles and information about the episodes. As in the first edition, the first two DVDs will appear together as a giant presentation package with booklet. The 4 remaining DVDs will be released every 15 days. Thanks to Alain Carrazé
12th June 2004
  • News: there are three Space: 1999 conventions in 2005. In the UK, there is Fanderson (date and location to be confirmed). On the US East Coast, Earthbound 2005 (Tampa, Florida, 22-24 July 2005). On the US West Coast, 30th Anniversary (Long Beach, California, 28-31 July 2005).
16th May 2004
  • TF1 DVDs updated with details of the French news-stand DVDs.
  • The Italian Moonbase 99 club is organising their second Space 1999 convention of the year, for 11-12 September 2004 with guest Zienia Merton.
25th April 2004
  • News: UK magazine TV Zone #175, April 2004, has an in-depth article on Death's Other Dominion. Website.
10th April 2004
  • Merchandise News: The second Eagle 2 poster is available from Geo Alliance, and the second Italian DVD set is available. The Rescue Eagle from Product Enterprise can be preordered from retailers in the UK and US.
28th March 2004
13th March 2004
6th March 2004
21st February 2004
7th February 2004
1st February 2004