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20th December 2005
  • Happy Christmas!
27th November 2005
  • Space: 1999 is being shown on the UK digital channel ITV4 on Sundays at 7pm. They use the same prints as the Carlton DVDs (not the new Network versions).
15th October 2005
9th September 2005
6th August 2005
  • Network Video have announced some details of the UK DVD re-release, due 23 October. All 24 Year One episodes use new HD transfers. Extras include the 1975 Clapperboard, commentaries and a demo version of Barry Gray's theme music.
2nd July 2005
  • Eagle Guide updated with information about Eagle ranges (thanks to Marcus Lindroos).
  • RSS feed added. Keep updated with news readers, or the built-in RSS in Firefox, Safari, Opera or IE 7.
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1st June 2005
  • NASA Planets Guide added showing Apollo photos used as alien planets (thanks to Marcus Lindroos).
9th April 2005
5th March 2005
  • In the US, A & E are having a sale of many DVDs. The Megaset (with bonus DVD) is 50% off, and you can get a further 20% off with the coupon code "esave2", bringing the price to $80 for all 48 episodes. Coupon expires 30 March 2005. A&E store. Thanks to Marcy and others.
13th February 2005
  • More episode errors/ observations added here, here and here (thanks to James. C and Jim Burke)
29th January 2005
  • Episode errors added here and here (thanks to James. C and Marcus Lindroos)
1st January 2005
  • Episode errors added here and here (thanks to Patrick Hill and Richard Bendell)