The Catacombs What Was New

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3rd December 2006
  • Year 2 Observations Guide updated with Lambda Factor and Seance Spectre, and updates in Devil's Planet, Dorcons and Bringers Of Wonder. Thanks to Thomas. All images for these episodes have also been refreshed.
13th September 2006
  • Year 1 Promo updated with a New York promo thanks to John Maimone.
  • Many changes throughout the site- 2374 pages updated, over half the site, plus about 900 changed or new images. Thanks to Thomas, Marcus and others.
2nd July 2006
  • Lyons Maid advert updated to mention the artist- Frank Bellamy (thanks to Norman Boyd).
18th April 2006
  • The Dorcons is set 2409 days after leaving Earth orbit- Tuesday 18 April 2006.
  • Amphicat added to Moonbuggy toys (thanks to Robert Ruiz)
18th February 2006
  • Merchandise Guide has various updates (thanks to Gordon Moriguchi) - note the new Product Enterprise Gift Pack (including laser tank and moonbuggy) is due in August 2006.