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19 December 2007
  • News: the latest edition of Action TV has part one of a very detailed article on Space 1999 Year 2, and a great cover. You can order it from
  • Italian DVD updated. La Repubblica, the second largest newspaper in Italy, is selling 12 DVDs of Space 1999 Year One: see their website. Two weekly news magazines, Il Venerdì di Repubblica and L'Espresso, contain flyers (here and here) promoting the new DVDs. Thanks to Andrea Gualco.
  • Medical monitors updated with infomation on the oscilloscopes used in early Year 1 (thanks to Ville Laustela).
14 October 2007
1st July 2007
  • Toy Catalogues updated with a JC Penny page (thanks to Gordon Moriguchi). Plus many small updates throughout the site thanks to Gordon, Marcus Lindroos, Dana Lubich, Douglas Nicol, Simon Frend and others.
  • News: the Network Year 2 DVD set is due in September 2007. Product Enterprise will produce a commlock and stun gun, and a 23 inch Hawk, Lab Eagle and Winch Eagle all due in 2008.
4th March 2007
15th January 2007