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06 December 2009
  • Publicity photos added. Thanks to Steven Reder and Mark Shaw, Mark Spalding, Shaqui. The rare publicity picture on this page is thanks to Mark Spalding.
  • Other observations, additions and corrections thanks to Dana Lubich, Jerome Wybon, David A. Sobral, David Penn.
07 November 2009
  • Jim Stolfa Astro 7 added; concept art of the Astro 7 expedition ship from 1994. Thanks to Jim.
03 October 2009
13 September 2009
10 August 2009
  • Dialogue by character pages added. Find out every line every character spoke- and exactly how many lines.
  • YouTube playlists added. A variety of playlists with Space: 1999 (and related) content.
08 July 2009
  • The British Film Institute is showing Space: 1999 as part of their One Giant Leap season.
12 April 2009
6 December 2008
  • Earth images updated with details of the matte painting used (thanks to Marcus).
13 September 2008
  • Update: are offering all Space 1999 fans a 10% discount from Sept 13th to end of the month. The discount code is BREAKAWAYPLUS9.
27 July 2008
4 April 2008
3 February 2008
Updated 9 February
  • UK readers should look out for the EDF Energy TV commerical featuring a short clip of Landau and Bain in War Games; see it on youTube. (Updated Feb 9)
  • Comics International magazine is starting a 6-part Gerry Anderson series which will discuss the Space 1999 comics strips. There is a special subscription offer for Anderson fans. (Updated Feb 9)