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19 Dec 2010
  • Thanks to all my contributors and readers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
1 Dec 2010
2 Nov 2010
19 Oct 2010
  • The TV21 convention in Bristol, UK, on Friday 22nd- Sunday 24th October 2010 will have a Space 1999 panel hosted by me on Saturday provisionally scheduled for 11am to 12. The model room will have some original Space 1999 models rarely seen at conventions.
2 Oct 2010
26 July 2010
  • Powys have announced their next titles.
1 May 2010
  • Eagle panels updated. Text and diagrams thanks to Marcus Lindroos.
07 February 2010
  • Ultra Probe pages revamped and expanded with many new pictures. Thanks to Phil Rae
  • News: Powys books page updated: the Shepherd Moon anthology and Born For Adversity novel are released, others are due soon. See the Powys Media website.
02 January 2010
  • Dorzak observations added (thanks to Thomas) and Seance Spectre observations updated (thanks to Chris Moore)
  • Numerous mechandise guide updates thanks to Allen Barnella. Other observations, additions and corrections thanks to Thomas, Dana Lubich.