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21st December 2003
  • Merry Christmas!
7th December 2003
15th November 2003
8th November 2003
1st November 2003
25th October 2003
19th October 2003
10th October 2003
  • Current Merchandise updated: flyer for the Italian DVDs (thanks to Stefano), the covers for the Australian DVDs (identical to Carlton), and the Product Enterprise Eagle's presentation box.
20th September 2003
14th September 2003
  • News: Coming out in October: Italian DVD (Pulp Video, cover image thanks to Stefano), Australian DVD (Magna Pacific, thanks to Glenn McCrabb). Also Oct/Nov: Survival by Brian Ball (see Powys Media for cover art),
6th September 2003
23rd August 2003
  • News: Fanderson have published Earthbound by E C Tubb, a new 188-page novelisation, with 12 pages of photos.
16th August 2003
10th August 2003
2nd August 2003
19th July 2003
12th July 2003
6th July 2003
  • Cosmic Princess trailer added. "Travel into an awesome adventure, where a fantastic close encounter will change your lives forever."
  • The compilation movies Cosmic Princess and Alien Attack have been released to DVD in France by PVB editions (thanks to Michel Renaud)
28th June 2003
22nd June 2003
  • Zack comic covers added (thanks to Patrick Zimmerman, whose Mondstation 1999 is a superb guide to the German novels).
  • Powys Books merchandise guide updated with news of the new audio book, to be narrated by a prominent cast member, and details of the new novel Eternity Unbound.
15th June 2003
8th June 2003
1st June 2003
  • Producer Gerry Anderson will discuss his career at an event at the Barbican, in London, UK, on June 5th. There will also be a display of models and costumes, including some from Space: 1999. On Saturday June 7th, Dragon's Domain will be shown in the Barbican cinema.
25th May 2003
17th May 2003
  • Annual File 3 added (from Japanese laser disc volume 3), including stun gun and commlock blueprints.
10th May 2003
  • Annual File 2 added (from Japanese laser disc volume 2), including Eagle and Hawk blueprints.
4th May 2003
28th April 2003
21st April 2003
5th April 2003
  • Merchandise out now updated- Fanderson's FAB fanzine has a new interview with Martin Landau and some fascinating new photos, Chris Bentley's Complete Gerry Anderson Guide is released, added details of forthcoming merchandise from Playing Mantis and Silva Screen.
21st March 2003
  • News. The A&E bonus disc is now available separately from the MegaSet. It includes three remastered episodes, each with audio commentaries, photo galleries and Message from Moonbase Alpha (not actually a World Premiere as A&E claims, as it has already appeared on the TF1 DVD set). It is only available from A&E. Price is $14.95. Item Number is AAE-70614
    Online: A&E website
    Or phone 1-888-423-1212. Note that it is not available outside the US and Canada.
  • News. Space: 1999 will be available on DVD in Spain. The first 3 DVDs are released in April from Producciones JRB, price 17.95€. Each DVD volume contains three episodes (with Spanish and English soundtracks) and the extras sound similar to Carlton. Spot the error on the cover of volume 2...
8th March 2003
  • Space 1999's predecessor, UFO, has been released in the UK and USA, and now reaches Italy. The first box set, available in two editions, standard and Deluxe, is released in April. Space: 1999 will follow sometime after summer. More information at the Italian section of Shado. Thanks to Stefano.
23rd February 2003
15th February 2003
8th February 2003
1st February 2003
25th January 2003
  • This Episode feature added, looking at other episodes in which shots from the This Episode sequence did not appear in the episode.
  • Character Guide updated with thumbnail pictures of some of the familiar faces who appeared as Alphans in multiple episodes.
12th January 2003
  • News: UFO will be released on DVD in Italy in March 2003, followed by Space 1999 later in the year (thanks to Stefano Guizzardi).
4th January 2003
  • This Episode: Breakaway feature added, an in-depth examination of shots from the This Episode sequence that didn't appear in the episode.
  • Space1999.Net forum is a new discussion area for all sites on Space1999.Net including the Catacombs.
  • TV Clips updated with UK TV's Before They Were Famous (thanks to Chris Dale)
  • News: Powys Media is releasing their second novel, John Muir's The Forsaken, beginning January 24th.