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22nd December 2002
14th December 2002
  • Missing Link episode guide updated, with new pictures from the This Episode segment that didn't appear in the episode.
7th December 2002
  • AMT are reissuing the 1:25 Scale kit "Moonscope" designed by George Barris, released in the 1970s by Fundimensions as "Space 1999 The Alien". Do a Google search for online merchants. (thanks to Craig Rohloff)
  • UK magazine SFX #99, out now, contains a brief mention of Space 1999 and two photos (and a link to this site).
24th November 2002
  • From A&E: "For those of you who've written in about the bonus Space: 1999 disc included in our megaset, we are working to get this available early next year. More news on this soon."
16th November 2002
  • News: E C Tubb's novel Earthfall has just been reprinted by Fanderson. John Muir's new novel The Forsaken is now available for pre-order from Powys Media.
9th November 2002
2nd November 2002
  • Apologies for Space1999.Net disappearing into a space warp last week- the hard disk died and we had to restore from Brian The Brain's memory bank. It may take a little time for the latest pages from the Catacombs and other sites to find their way out of the mist.
19th October 2002
  • Check out David Sisson's article about the restoration of the original 44" Eagle model at the Small Art Works site.
12th October 2002
5th October 2002
  • Due to a request from Charlton Comics, the stories are no longer available online.
21st September 2002
7th September 2002
  • Some news about the A&E DVD megaset released on September 24th. The bonus disc with remastered episodes and new extras will only be available from the US shop Best Buy. It will be not available with the megaset purchased from other outlets. It may be available separately from A&E later, but details are not known yet. Almost all the extras on the discs are also available on the UK Carlton and French TF1 sets, but the quality of the remastered episodes, and the new audio commentaries from Sylvia Anderson, Christopher Penfold and Johnny Byrne should be interesting.
31st August 2002
24th August 2002
  • Cybermuseum added. The original Cybermuseum has not been updated for many years, so Marcy has asked me to absorb it into the Catacombs. All the original content is available with a slightly revamped interface. I will be updating pages over the next few months.
17th August 2002
11th August 2002
  • Action TV magazine number 6 features a comprehensive overview of the first series by Michael Richardson and a wonderful cover photo of Landau and Bain. For details of ordering see the magazine website.
3rd August 2002
20th July 2002
13th July 2002
6th July 2002
29th June 2002
22nd June 2002
  • News: In the US, the A&E DVD sets 7 and 8 are now shipping from Amazon ($29.96 each) (set 7, set 8) and DeepDiscountDVD ($21.95 each) (set 7, set 8).
15th June 2002
8th June 2002
1st June 2002
25th May 2002
11th May 2002
  • News: Next week is Fanderson's Stand-By For Action convention in Coventry, UK. Space 1999 guests include Zienia Merton, Christopher Penfold, Gerry Anderson, Shane Rimmer and David Lane.
4th May 2002
27th April 2002
20th April 2002
  • News: see Current Merchandise for news on the French DVD 13-disc boxset, released June 11th (see above for box art). For the first time anywhere, Message From Moonbase Alpha is included. The UFO 7-disc boxset is released 1st July.
13th April 2002
  • News: two current US magazines have Space 1999 articles. Filmfax 89 has interviews with Brian Johnson and Johnny Byrne; Video Watchdog has a review of the A&E Year 1 DVDs. (thanks to Jenny Lobb)
6th April 2002
30th March 2002
  • News: The new original novel Resurrection by William Latham, with a foreword by Johnny Byrne, is available from mid-April from Powys Media
23rd March 2002
16th March 2002
2nd March 2002
23rd February 2002
16th February 2002
  • Actors photo gallery added, showing some old and very rare photos of the cast before Space 1999. (thanks to Mark Shaw)
9th February 2002
2nd February 2002
  • News: Golden Apple are republishing books by Douglas Mason/John Rankine. On Feb 15th they publish Forgotten Rocket, the unpublished original novel that was the basis of the Space 1999 book Phoenix Of Megaron, as an e-book.
26th January 2002
19th January 2002
12th January 2002
5th January 2002
  • 2002 art by D Plaisant sent to me by Brigitte in Belgium