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22nd December 2001
  • News: Powys Media has announced details of a new original novel.
  • News: In the US Amazon are listing the first two A&E Year 2 DVDs here and here, due for release soon (Amazon lists 26 Feb 2002, but A&E lists 29 Jan 2002).
15th December 2001
  • News: UK magazine DVD Review (December 2001 issue) has a one page review of the Carlton year 2 boxset, the only review I've seen so far. The summary is "A few good episodes, but generally rather silly sci-fi". The stand-out episodes, apparently, are Bringers Of Wonder, A B Chrysalis and Devil's Planet.
8th December 2001
  • TV Guide feature updated with picture of the 1975 New Faces article (thanks to Steven Reder).
1st December 2001
  • featured a review of the A&E Space 1999 DVDs. (thanks to everyone who notified me!)
24th November 2001
17th November 2001
  • Carlton DVD Merchandise Guide updated with details of the Year 2 DVDs, including the new menu screens and extras. The box set is now available from Blackstar. As with pevious volumes, quality is good and the extras are exceptional. Many DVD and science fiction magazines in the UK feature full page colour adverts for the Year 2 DVDs, although none have reviews yet.
10th November 2001
  • On-screen errors updated with the microphone boom from Force Of Life (not visible in the DVDs) (59k jpeg). Also added pictures of the Rudi Gernreich credit in Matter of Life and Death, another example where the DVD and laserdisc versions are different. (thanks to James Poll, also thanks to Patrick Zimmerman).
3rd November 2001
20th October 2001
13th October 2001
  • Top Ten TV transcript added. This programme ranking science fiction series appearered on Channel 4, Saturday 13th October. Space 1999 appeared at number 10, and there were short interviews with Gerry Anderson, Catherine Schell and Nick Tate.
6th October 2001
  • News: Eagle One Media is republishing E C Tubb's Space 1999 novel Alien Seed in November.
29th September 2001
  • Crazy and RBCC comic parodies added. Set stun guns on "tickle". (thanks to Jenny Lobb).
22nd September 2001
  • Locations feature expanded with new pictures of Pinewood Studios and the backlot. Also, Martin and Barbara's Christmas 1974 present to the cast and crew (thanks to Mike Prendergast).
13th September 2001
  • News: Powys Media will be publishing a new range of officially authorized original novels based on Space 1999. The first novel will be published at the end of 2001 and will feature a foreword by Space 1999 script writer Johnny Byrne.
  • News: Gerry Anderson's puppet series Captain Scarlet is being released in a DVD box set this week. It is available from Blackstar.
8th September 2001
1st September 2001
25th August 2001
  • The Immunity Syndrome episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • News: Small Art Works have produced a new Moonbuggy kit, cast from an original studio mould.
18th August 2001
  • Publicity merchandise pages revised and expanded with pictures of the Hertitage collection fliers ("bold explorers hurtle through the galaxy on a toxic moon"), year 1 publicity sheet and the J2 video flier.
  • Devil's Planet episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • News: Fanderson are reprinting E C Tubb's novel Earthfall.
11th August 2001
  • Original studio photos of the 44" and 22" Eagle models added, thanks to Mark Shaw.
  • A Matter Of Balance episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • News: Carlton's DVD Volume 4, Volume 5, and Volume 6 are available from Blackstar and Carlton (Bensonsworld is another source with free international postage). Year 2 is scheduled for November 12th as a single boxset of all 24 episodes.
21st July 2001
  • Catacombs Of The Moon episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
14th July 2001
  • The Rules Of Luton episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • News: Alpha Chronicle is a new site by Matt Butts reprinting material from his 1970s fanzine.
7th July 2001
  • New Adam, New Eve episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
30th June 2001
23rd June 2001
  • The Taybor episode guide updated with new pictures.
  • News: Bob Wood's new book, Space 1999 The Future Is Fantastic! is now available. Further details are here.
  • News: more DVD coverage in UK magazines. The July 2001 copy of PC Format magazine has a copy of Breakaway on the attached DVD, and an article by Bad Astronomer Phil Plait on the science of Space 1999. The July 2001 edition of Starburst has a one page review of the Carlton DVDs.
16th June 2001
  • News: there is a new Space 1999 fan club called Missing Link; visit their email list home-page (free to join) for more details.
9th June 2001
  • News: the UK magazine What DVD has a two page review of the Carlton DVDs. Elsewhere it puts them at the top of the chart for best DVD menus.
  • The Mark Of Archanon episode guide updated with new pictures. The episode occurs on Thursday 14th June 2001.
2nd June 2001
  • News: two new UK magazines have Carlton DVD reviews- DVD Review #26 has a full page review, and Dreamwatch #82 has a half-page column, both generally positive. Starlog UK edition also has a very short "in brief" notice. Empire magazine has a full page advert by Blackstar titled "the adventure continues".
26th May 2001
  • German books updated with pictures of Flucht ins All and Die Katastrophe books, and Printed Material updated with pictures of the softcover Italian school diary (all thanks to Stefano Guizzardi).
19th May 2001
  • DVD comparison added- a brief comparison of the UK, US and Japanese DVDs.
12th May 2001
  • News: In the UK, look out for Ultimate DVD magazine (#18, June 2001), which has a two page feature based on an interview with Prentis Hancock, and a full page review of the Carlton DVDs.
5th May 2001
  • News: the first three Carlton DVDs are now out. The quality is at least equal or superior to the US and Japanese discs, plus there are great extras. The UK edition of Starlog has a competition to win the set. The Catacombs guide has some menu images.
28th April 2001
  • The Last Enemy episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
21st April 2001
  • Testament Of Arkadia episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
14th April 2001
  • Death's Other Dominion episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links"). These are screen captures of the Japanese DVDs- not as clear and vivid as the A&E DVDs at their best but more consistent in quality.
7th April 2001
  • Japanese DVD page updated with more information and pictures.
  • European Video updated; Patrick Zimmerman identified that the Avofilm video covers are based on a shot from Return Of The Jedi, and a Boris Vallejo book cover.
  • Larson Designs has released a resin kit of the Immunity Syndrome glider, in scale with the AMT/Ertl Eagle. Email for details. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman; originally in
31st March 2001
  • Voyager's Return episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • European Video updated with a picture of the first edition Italian video, thanks to Andrea Gualco.
24th March 2001
  • The Last Sunset episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • The Carlton DVDs will be promoted with an official Space 1999 website from Carlton.
  • UK readers should look out for the Channel 4 program "SF UK" (2:15am Sunday morning). Last week's program featured a brief clip from Space Warp; a later program will feature an interview with Gerry Anderson. It's a co-production with the Sci-Fi Channel, so it may turn up there too.
17th March 2001
  • Force Of Life episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links").
  • The next A&E DVDs (the remainder of Year One) are tentatively scheduled for end July. Note this schedule may change. (thanks to David Bobzien).
  • Carlton Video has the Carlton DVDs on their front page at the moment. You can now see the box set cover (the same as set 1) and extras.
10th March 2001
  • Ring Around The Moon episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links"). Most of these are DVD screen shots (this episode is too dark on the A&E discs, though still better than the laserdisc version).
3rd March 2001
  • The Carlton DVDs can now be pre-ordered from Blackstar. Worldwide postage is free, and there's a pre-order discount. (thanks to the folks at Blackstar).
  • Matter Of Life And Death episode guide updated with new pictures (check the "images" pages under "links"). Most of these are DVD screen shots (showing remarkable clarity compared to the VHS captures).
  • A&E DVD images added; these are screen captures of the menus and photo gallery (thumbnails from DVD 1 only). I was very impressed with the quality. Even though the "extras" are sparse, many of the pictures are very interesting as this small selection shows.
20th February 2001
22nd February 2001
  • There is a new review of the A&E DVDs on The Digital Bits. (thanks to James Poll)
  • Fanderson's news page shows the covers for the first 3 Carlton DVDs released on April 30th. There's the familiar sloping logo in chrome (it looks very like Roberto Baldassari's Breakaway convention logo), an Eagle hit by lightning, and character shots. Volume 1 has a familiar Landau/Bain pose, Barry Morse is on volume 2 and Zienia Merton is on volume 3.
10th February 2001


  • On 3rd April the entire first series will be available on Japanese DVD (region 2 NTSC, with English and Japanese soundtracks). The quality of Japanese DVDs is usually superb; unfortunately they will be very expensive (over US$300) and the Japanese version of the titles and music is dreadful. You can order them from CDJapan. (Thanks to Ben for the info)
  • The Erasmus Ultra Probe module kit is now available for $100 plus $15 postage. (Thanks to
  • Phil Merkel's MM2000 convention videos information updated: see here.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL The site has a list of the coming Carlton DVDs including the extras. This is an early list and not all these may appear (the documentary in particular is still subject to negotiation and will not appear with the Year 1 sets).

Note: the release date has slipped back to April 30th (it was originally April 11th). The updated list of extras appears in the Merchandise Guide. The original article shows how these extras were originally distributed between the sets; this has changed and is no longer valid. Although anticipated, the original promos are not listed (probably as decent copies have not been found). Thanks to Rob Pritchard for updates.

4th February 2001
  • The New York Times for Sunday 4th February has a short article "The Noble Mission Of Space 1999 on DVD" available online on their site (free registration required)
20th January 2001

Supplemental- 22nd January

  • Book critics updated with some brief quotes from "SF:UK" by Daniel O'Brien, the book of the Channel 4 television series, which has a generous 4 pages devoted to the series. Although some of the quotes are unfavourable and there is one glaring error, he has some positive things to say. The book is a useful survey of British media science fiction.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL: Phil Merkel's MM2000 convention videos are now available: see here.
13th January 2001
  • TV clips updated with Space 1999 quotes from the Channel 5 documentary "Mr Thunderbird" (August 2000).
6th January 2001