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2nd December 2000
25th November 2000
  • The Catacombs are now in stasis. I am moving and I may have limited internet access for a while. The site will remain online, and there will be irregular news updates on this page.
18th November 2000
11th November 2000
4th November 2000
  • Barry Morse profile updated with clarification of why Morse was not in Year 2, thanks to Bob Wood.
28th October 2000
21st October 2000
14th October 2000
7th October 2000
1st October 2000
24th September 2000
16th September 2000
9th September 2000
26th August 2000
  • UK readers: remember The Taybor and Mr Thunderbird on Sunday 27th, and Thunderbirds on Sept 3rd (see below).
22nd August 2000
  • Newsflash: Space 1999 is being shown on Channel 5 in the UK on Sunday 27th August at 12:40pm (episode is The Taybor), followed by Joe 90 and Stingray. The documentary (8pm-9pm) titled "Mr Thunderbird" covers the career of Gerry Anderson. Interviews include Martin Landau. This is part of their themed "sci-fi weekend". Thunderbirds begins on BBC2 on September 3rd.
19th August 2000
  • Moonbase Guide added to the Continuity Guide. A comprehensive guide to Moonbase Alpha. Includes Virtual Moonbase Alpha, a 2D representation of Moonbase Alpha with over 30 rooms.

Warning: these are graphics intensive pages and may be slow to load.
Virtual Moonbase Alpha requires Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6 (60% of you use IE5; the remainder with NS4 and older browsers may not be able to view some sections).
Thanks to Roberto Baldassari!

  • Sunday 20th August is 342 days after the Moon left orbit- the day of The Metamorph
12th August 2000
  • Another convention with 1999 guests: Cult TV, 27th - 30th October 2000, Torquay UK. Guests include Brian Johnson, Martin Bower and Sarah Douglas (and Jaz Wiseman, who is the person responsible for the "extras" on Carlton's ITC DVDs and should have the latest information on the release schedule)
5th August 2000
  • Filming section revamped with pictures of re-used props, scenes and on screen errors.
29th July 2000
22nd July 2000
15th July 2000
8th July 2000
4th July 2000
  • Currently available merchandise updated with news that the next Carlton releases on DVD may be Captain Scarlet and UFO. At this stage it looks likely Space 1999 will be released first in the US, although the UK will probably have the complete set of episodes first.
1st July 2000
24th June 2000
22nd June 2000 You may have seen this news item (on Sci-fi wire, 21st June):

Space: 1999 Homeward Bound

The classic 1970s SF television series Space: 1999 will be released on VHS and DVD video on Jan. 30, 2001. A&E New Media will release re-mastered episodes of the show, starting with two VHS packages of three videos each, priced at $29.95, and two DVD packages with two discs each, priced at $39.95.

Subsequent releases will follow in the summer and late fall of 2001. Six collector sets will appear by the end of 2001. The company hasn't determined which of the series' 48 episodes will appear on video.

Space: 1999, which ran from 1975 to 1977, told the story of the inhabitants of a lunar colony accidentally sent on a dangerous journey through space after a massive thermonuclear explosion hurls the moon out of Earth orbit. The series starred Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell and Brian Johnson.

17th June 2000
10th June 2000
  • Good luck to the MoonBound One convention this weekend in Italy
3rd June 2000
28th May 2000
  • Carlton are releasing Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds on DVD on September 11th 2000. Space: 1999 and other Anderson series should be released on DVD next year.
20th May 2000
13th May 2000
  • Currently available merchandise updated with news: Carlton have told me Space 1999 may be released on DVD some time in 2001. Thunderbirds should be released on DVD in July, although this may change. Thanks to Jo Seed at Carlton and Wes Sargent.
6th May 2000
29th April 2000
  • Carlton will release several ITC series on video and DVD in the next few months, led by Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds. The prospects of Space: 1999 on DVD are better than ever.
22nd April 2000
15th April 2000
8th April 2000
1st April 2000
  • Fan clubs updated with new details for Destination Alpha and the Out of Orbit club.
25th March 2000
18th March 2000

In all of the above, you'll find dozens of new pictures, many of which are linked to larger images.

5th March 2000
  • Alien Attack title images added (large page- 430kb), and Alien Attack episode guide updated with images of the additional scenes.
27th Feb 2000
  • Stunt performers updated with information on stunt arranger Joe Dunne (thanks to Mathew Dunne, his son, for the information).
  • Links to the Cybrary have been removed, as that site no longer exists. Two short guides that were in the Cybrary are now in the Catacombs: the Operations Guide and the Models Guide.
6th Feb 2000
  • Book critics updated with comments from David Pringle's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (perhaps the only review to think the special effects were "ultra-cheap").
30th January 2000
  • Currently available merchandise updated; latest information from Comet including the AB Hawks, the Warp 1:72 Eagle and accessories and the Warp Eagle hanger.

MODEL & COLLECTORS MART (Dec 1999); "Breakaway: Revisiting Space: 1999" by Peter Halliday and Brian Dowling p148-150 (4bw + 10bw of convention)

MODEL & COLLECTORS MART (Jan 2000); "Space: 1999 Collector's Guide" p160-164 (21bw of merchandise)

SCI-FI & FANTASY MODELS Number 41 (Jan 2000); "AB forty four inch Eagle- a preview" by Simon Roykirk p17-18; "More Pads; More Power" Jim Small garage kit reviews by Simon Roykirk p38

3rd January 2000