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Johnson and Nick Allder

From a set of publicity photos of Brian Johnson, Nick Allder and Cyril Forster. These are posed shots- they are not actually doing anything with the models. On the workbench are three scales of Eagles, three scales of moonbuggy (with astronauts), and two scales of round Alphan building.

The same model workshop, with the large Eagle and the laser turret, and a large gravity tower. The calendar is October 1976; the poster is the Smash mashed potato robot from a famous 1974 UK advert (directed by Space: 1999 director Bob Brooks). On the other bench is Eagle 2 without a pod, and Martin Bower's laser gun (seen only in The Dorcons)

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Another posed shot of Johnson and Allder with the three scales of Eagle and the Moon. More here

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Brian Johnson poses with moonbuggy and Meta Probe from Breakaway. Behind is Moonbase Alpha. More here

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An interesting shot of the Moon in the workshop. On the right are the Eagle hangar doors. On the left is a photo cut-out of Moonbase Alpha (for shots where a spaceship or planet hangs over the base). Behind the Alpha cut out are more cut outs: the lunar mountains that surround Alpha.
The people are Cyril Forster and Nick Allder.

The Moon

Models stored on shelves. Terry Reed and Nick Allder inspect Dione's escape pod.
On the top shelf, photo cut-out 44 inch Eagle, Meta Probe, 22 inch winch pod (right)
On the bottom shelf, 22 inch booster pod, 5 inch Eagle and tiny moonbuggy, 2 small Collision Course mines (back), Last Enemy Bethan maintenance tug

Model shop

The models at the studio. On the top shelf, a 44 inch Eagle cargo pallet, a 22 inch Eagle winch pod, two Collision Course mines (larger scale), an 11 inch Eagle booster pod.
On the bottom shelf, a photo cut-out planet, Collision Course mine grab, Dione's escape pod, small Kaldorian ship, damaged Eagle command module (Missing Link), another 44 inch Eagle cargo pallet.

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Nick Allder and Terry Schubert set up the winch Eagle for a scene from Breakaway. Note the bucket and sieves on the right, used to spread the "lunar" dust over the table-top set.

Terry Schubert, docking Eagles Docking Eagles

Two 44 inch Eagles are prepared for filming War Games. Terry Schubert in the background. More pictures

The Metamorph

Johnson in the spaceship graveyard from The Metamorph.

Collision Course Collision Course

Arra's shuttle from Collision Course. Behind is the Phoenix from Death's Other Dominion. In one shot Johnson holds a Sidon ship from Voyager's Return. The other unidentified person holds the tiny 5 inch Martin Bower Eagle.

Filming the Eagle command module separation from Dragon's Domain. Nick Allder has his back to camera bottom right. Terry Schubert is above him on the right. David Litchfield is behind the camera, head at an angle.

Filming the pilot ship leaving the Superswift in The Bringers of Wonder part 1. Nick Allder is behind the camera. On the right of the picture a section of Moonbase hangar wall can be seen.

Robin Hill in model store room

The model store room at Bray Studios, during a visit by fans on October 20, 1976. Full details. Left to right: Brian Johnson, Robin Hill, Pat Jenkins, Jerome Perkins, Cathy Owens, Dot Owens. Brian is holding one Eagle, another and the Superswift are at their feet. On the left, Alpha's laser gun and the large remote control moonbuggy, plus some buildings from The Exiles. On the shelves behind, the Collision Course shuttle, Ultra Probe, Altares and Psychon ship. On the right, the Eagle viewscreen, the "barrel moon" (on top of the shelves), and the Main Mission tower (on its side on the floor).

Another set visit, by Japanese artist Yuji Kaida near the end of June 1976. See more photos

Eagle lighting Eagle lighting Eagle lighting

A sequence of photos of the 44 inch Eagle with the engines being illuminated, perhaps for the scene in Black Sun. Thanks to David Hirsch.

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