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Yuji Kaida (born 1953) is a Japanese artist, best known for his art for plastic kit boxes, movie posters and other commercial art featuring giant Japanese monsters (including Godzilla) and robots. Late in 1976 he visited Pinewood and Bray Studios, invited by his friend, Japanese actress Yasuko Nagazumi who was appearing in the show. In 1985, he painted cover art for the Japanese VHS and laser disc releases of Space: 1999.

The visit was probably at the end of June 1976, as we see models used up to New Adam, New Eve, and the filming of a shot that may be The A B Chrysalis.


They are filming on stage 3 at Bray Studios. The 44 inch Eagle is suspended by a support attached to the top spine, against black velvet (on the left). The camera is on a dolly shooting up to the underside of the model, so this is a moving shot.

The A B Chrysalis

It may be this shot from The A B Chrysalis. There is no ring around the engine assembly, which fits this shot.

Model shop

One of the photo cut-outs of Moonbase Alpha, with other cut-outs of the lunar hills around. This were all shot at the start of filming year 1, in 1973. Filming the photo cut-out, rather than the Alpha model, was quick and saved time, especially when it could be combined with spaceships or planets overhead.

The Full Circle

Moonbase Alpha and the planet are photo cut-outs in this shot from in The Full Circle. The same view appears in many episodes, because this photo cut-out was ready for use (see more).

Brian holds the large Ultra Probe while the Archanon ship hangs overhead (in the original configuration before it was altered to appear in Space Warp). On the floor are Taybor's Emporium and gun, the Swift and the large Hawk (with black windows).

On the shelves are two different scales of Mentor's Pyschon ship, Arra's ship, and the nuclear detonator prop from Space Brain.

New Adam, New Eve

On the floor we see the first 44 inch Eagle with the side boosters (as seen in New Adam, New Eve, with wires emerging, and parts of the second 44 inch Eagle, the command module, engines and leg pods.

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