Catacombs What Was New

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27th December 1999

In all of the above, you'll find dozens of new pictures, many of which are linked to larger images.

20th December 1999
19th December 1999
  • Eagle links updated with new links to sites by Jim Bagley and Miroslav Mirre Plancak
8th/9th December 1999
  • Vector Courier (a Canadian entertainment services company) have a special effects website with a feature on Brian Johnson . Written by me (to my surprise!)- actually text and images are from this site.
4th December 1999
19th November 1999
  • Comic parodies updated with a strip from Rocket's Blast Comicollector. [Thanks to Jenny Lobb]
  • Look out for Martin Landau losing his head in Tim Burton's new film Sleepy Hollow opening this weekend.
14th November 1999
  • Panini Year 2 album added to the Panini stickers feature.
6th November 1999
  • Publications Guide moved from the Cybrary and updated. Thanks to Robert Ruiz for hosting it for so long, and Jenny Lobb for contributions.
31st October 1999
  • Panini Year 1 album added to the Panini stickers feature.
24th October 1999
16th October 1999
  • Portuguese Press page has a new part 4 with an article from Diario de Noticias, Sept 11 1999 (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado)
  • Start page search-this-site box has a list of direct links for the most frequent searches (the top searches, by the way, are "Barbara Bain", followed by "Eagle").
10th October 1999
  • Italian novels updated in the Merchandise Guide- new information on the first 1975 AMZ volume (thanks to Angelo), and new information on the Fanucci reprints from this year; both with illustrations.

TV Times (a British version of TV Guide) has a report in the 2nd October 1999 edition titled 'Down in the jungle something...beeps'. It begins: "Gerry Anderson's classic sci-fi series, Space 1999 is heading back into orbit. This time it's 2024, 25 years since the moon was blasted into deep space by a nuclear accident, and a message is picked up at a hi-tech tracking station deep in the heart of the Brazilian Jungle......." It reports that a short pilot film has been shot and casting is underway to play characters who are the children of the original characters. However, the original design of the Eagle will be retained in the new series, now named Space: 2024. This is sadly untrue! Check out Fanderson news for more information and pictures of Kindred's Message From Moonbase Alpha, the short film which may spark interest in a new series.

6th October 1999
3rd October 1999
  • Panini stickers now online: both sets of 400 stickers, complete with story information, added to the Merchandise Guide (thanks to Marcy ).
  • UFO: 1999 page updated with an additional clip; now 9 movie clips are available (thanks to Kyle Clarke, Marc Martin).
  • Last Sunset guide updated: Raja Thiagarajan gave me some useful references about how fast the Moon would lose an atmosphere.
  • Blueprint links added; links to blueprints of Eagles and other craft, plus offline resources.
25th September 1999
22nd September 1999
  • UFO: 1999 film clips posted (thanks to Kyle Clark and Marc Martin)
18th September 1999
16th September 1999
  • News: Sadly, director Charles Crichton has died. After a distinguished career in British film, he was a key member of the production team on Space: 1999.
  • Currently available merchandise updated: new newsletters from Fanderson and the Nick Tate club are out; the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Models International magazine is out (and is highly recommended!). The Studio 2 moonbuggy kit is available from Comet; the 17inch Hawk has been pushed back. Also the Slow Dazzle Space: 1999 calendar for 2000 can now be ordered.
5th September 1999
  • Episode Guide has some updates- correcting links into David Welle's Metaforms and Ken Scott's Moonbase Alpha site (both now on Space:1999 Net) plus some new pictures (check out Missing Link, A B Chrysalis, Space Warp and others).
30th August 1999
  • Character Guide added to Series Guides- this is at an early stage and will be expanded shortly
21st August 1999
  • Annual 1979 is now online in full Thanks to Phill Wright and Marcy
  • Photo FAQ gets a slight revamp with a new picture of Maya (click for a large image!)
17th August 1999
16th August 1999
  • Full text of the Golden All Star Book added, thanks to Marcy .
10th August 1999
  • NEWS: Fanderson are running a UFO:1999 convention in Bradford (UK), on September 12th 1999. John Hug (Fraser) will attend. See here for details.
  • NEWS: It doesn't say so on the Breakaway convention site but according to Tony Wynn's press release in the Cybrary there is a new guest: Year Two producer Fred Freiberger!
8th August 1999 Our two planets have met in the body of Time for the great purpose of mutation. We shall change utterly and the change will reverberate through the galaxies and universes of Eternity.

The CATACOMBS combines forces with the CYBER-MUSEUM.

The major changes (which together DOUBLE the size of the site):

  • A new Episode Guide. Covering every episode and the movies, with credits, sfx and continuity details and bloopers in detail. Includes comprehensive links to every other part of this site, and to other sites.
  • Comics Guide updated and greatly expanded (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado). Every story from the Charlton color comics now included, as well as every story from TV Junior, plus the Cracked parody. For all comics, you can either browse small versions of pages, or use frames.
  • Cast and crew guide updated, with more pictures and updated information.
  • Gerry Anderson production guide added to the Cast and crew guide. Includes a UFO feature and a special Day After Tomorrow feature, both of which have a lot in common with Space: 1999 and were made with many of the same cast and crew.
  • The Merchandise Guide and the Model Gallery have also been updated.
  • Sketches gallery added; my own sketches and commentary on little known props and models.
26th June 1999
20th June 1999 This site has been inaccessible at times lately due to geocities servers disappearing. Hopefully they'll sort it out soon.
  • Model Gallery updated with extra section on the Phoenix from Death's Other Dominion and an Other Models section for everything I missed! (Among them: Collision Course space mine, moonbuggy and laser battery).
  • Current merchandise updated with news of the Carlton DVD release.
  • Mysterious Unknown Force primer added to the Discussion section. A short primer on the MUF.
  • Science or fiction essay updated and split into sections. A few things I said were impossible turned out not to be!
  • Fanucci reprints of the AMZ novels added to the Merchandise Guide. If anyone has any more information on these, please get in touch.
  • Merchandise Guide US Videos updated with more information of Sybil Danning's notorious Adventure Videos, banned by Martin Landau and Barbrara Bain. Includes the full uncensored texts of her introductions. Horrible!
5th June 1999 Note: next update is due 20th June.
29th May 1999
23rd May 1999
15th May 1999
9th May 1999
2nd May 1999
  • Model Gallery updated with two extra sections: the Kaldorian ship and Voyager One (including behind the scenes studio shots) and the War Games Hawk (with exclusive profile shots of the smaller model).
24th April 1999
18th April 1999 The Catacombs is a year old! There are now over 500 pages, and 70Meg of illustrations.
10th April 1999
3rd April 1999
  • Black Sun script to screen analysis added to episode reviews
  • Photo FAQ added to Reference Library. These photos are used elsewhere in this site, but here are linked to large images.
  • Star critics article added to critics reference library. A short compilation of negative views by William Shatner, Gene Roddenberry and Tom Baker.
  • Reference Library Comics section has several pages modified. Note in particular the Charlton comics page: in addition to all the covers, there are now three Charlton magazine stories online: Breakaway, The Metamorph and The Primary Lifeform. Thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado.
  • The Cybrary What's New section features Keith Wilson art contributed by myself. You can view other Keith Wilson art in the Catacombs Keith Wilson gallery.

    Thanks to Marcy for taking another 21 Megs of Catacombs images (in addition to the 30 Megs she already hosts) in the Cyber Museum

21st March 1999
21st March 1999
15th March 1999/
13th March 1999
7th March 1999
  • Links page revised and expanded, with a comprehensive Eagle links page linking to all the CGI and model Eagles I can find on the Internet.
28th February 1999
21st February 1999
15th February 1999
  • Large parts of the site are now in the Space 1999 Cyber Museum, thanks to Marcy . You will still use these geocities pages to access the material, but it will be a lot more reliable and easier for me to manage.
  • Portugal page has new information on Space: 1999 at the Fantasporto Film Festival, and a new picture of the Doppelganger rocket (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado).
  • Front page revamped (you may have noticed!)
  • FAQ added- an intro to the series and a navigation guide to more detailed topics in this site
  • Guest cast pages completely revamped, with new biographies, in the credits guide.
  • Merchandise Guide revamped with new pictures, especially the Eagles pages in the Toys and Models section. Includes many pictures from Robert Ruiz's Cybrary Vintage Collectibles section (which is closing down). Thanks to Robert and Jim Small
7th February 1999
31st January 1999
24th January 1999
20th January 1999 News: The ITC film and television library, which includes Space: 1999, has been purchased by Carlton Communications plc, a British company which owns a third of the UK ITV network stations. The ITC library had been part of the Polygram group, but was sold to Universal Studios at the end of 1998. The library is likely to be used to provide content for ONdigital, Carlton's digital channel service. Space: 1999 and the rest of the library will be managed by the Carlton subsidiary Carlton International. Any future video (or DVD) release is likely to be under the label of Carlton Home Entertainment.

News: FANTASPORTO, one of the most important SF, fantasy and film festivals in Europe (26th February to 6th March 1999 in Porto, Portugal) is planning a tribute to Space:1999.
Translated from the retrospectives page: "And, last but not least, the inevitable homage to the cultured series Space 1999, where maybe we will be able to see some of the "special ones" of the series as well as the pilot for TV. "
The festival has a web site (English and Portuguese sections- the news hasn't reached the English section yet) and email address.

  • Credits section expanded with guest cast lists (links to Internet Movie Database) and a connections page- Space 1999 cast and crew who have appeared in other major science fiction film and television.
17th January 1999
  • Merchandise Guide completely revamped- every page changed, with literally hundreds of illustrations added. Mostly small low resolution pictures for now- eventually I hope to have high definition pictures of every item produced.
  • Art gallery extended with new pages- Portugal press (magazine covers- some unusual promo shots)
  • Fan critics article added to Reference Library
10th January 1999
1st January 1999
HAPPY NEW YEAR!- it's 1999
  • A Breath Of Death now in full (an unfilmed early script). Note commentary contains spoilers- you may want to skip to the script...
  • Cast and crew comments on year 2 now in the Reference Library, compiled from various sources. How did it rate compared to Year 1?
  • Anthonio Valcarcel sent me the following picture of Main Mission- click on it to see the 1150x860 large version, suitable for your desktop wallpaper (even for those of us with large screens!).
    Antonio Valcarcel Main Mission